Drink, Slay, Love


Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst

Pearl isn’t like other girls her age. Sure she likes to hang out with her boyfriend, grab ice cream whenever she can, and stays out way to late for her family’s liking. What sets herself apart from other girls is that she’s lethal.

Pearl’s an average vampire who survives by preying on and snacking upon unassuming humans, and staying away – -far away for the sun. Or at least she was an average vampire until she was stabbed right through the chest by a pearly white horn of a unicorn. A rainbow pooping unicorn?!

After being stabbed Pearl is more than mere vampire. She’s now able to do things that other vampires simply can’t. This is NOT good. But not everyone thinks her newfound abilities are bad. In fact, her vampire family think quite differently. After being granted the honor of hosting the prestigious Fealty Ceremony – a ceremony that ushers young vampires into adulthood – Mother and Daddy to put Pearl to good use by sending her to high school. See, since being stabbed she now has a reflection and  can walk outside in broad daylight.

Sentenced to scope out volunteers at the local high school, Pearl suddenly finds herself caught up in a living nightmare. And as if this isn’t the worst part, Pearl’s slowly developing a – a conscience.

Drink, Slay, Love written by author Sarah Beth Durst is an intriguing read that skillfully combines – not one but two – mythological creatures: the vampire and the unicorn. Stepping away from all the fabricated tales of vampires (e.g. glimmer in sunlight and feast on animal rather than humans), Durst excels at depicting both traditionally.

Not just intriguing Drink, Slay, Love is enjoyable.  And what makes it so is the snarky leading lady – Pearl. As a  protagonist Pearl isn’t exactly warn or fuzzy. But she truly is a strong heroine. She’s smart and can hold her own in any kind of situation – even if the situation goes against everything she’s ever been taught.

Durst’s writing is spectacular. Both charming and witty, readers will love that Pearl is often thrown into funny situations. This makes Drink, Slay, Love seem real. Not only that, but makes Pearl appear more human, more relatable. But never short on twists and turns that readers will not see coming, Drink, Slay, Love is a real nail biter. And yes, being that its main character is a lethal vampire, has some truly scary moments!