Shorty Review: Revolution


Title: Revolution

Author(s): Jennifer Donnelly

Publisher/Published: Delacorte Books for Young Readers, October 12, 2010

Rating: 5/5

Why Did I Read This Book: My very good friend Miss Print suggested I read this book knowing that I love both music and Marie Antoinette.

Thoughts, Likes, & Dislikes: I really loved how author Jennifer Donnelly seamlessly weaved music into her book’s plot, and  how that music reflected the overall emotions of the book, and the main character. It was extremely well written, and as fun as it was to read, I also learned a thing or two from it.

Recommend It: Yes, especially to music lovers and history buffs alike.

Shorty Review: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares


Title: Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

Author(s): Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Publisher/Published: Knopf Books for Young Readers, October 26, 2o1o

Rating: 5/5

Why Did I Read This Book: Besides the fact that I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book, I read this book simply because it seemed like a fun read full of laugh out loud moments.

Thoughts, Likes, & Dislikes: I loved how this book is set in New York City – a city that I not only love but one that I frequent often. Because of this, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares felt like a worm comfortable sweater on a cold winter’s day – it was familiar and welcoming! It was a realistic book that didn’t focus on the negatives of the surrounding world. I loved the hopeful feeling that swelled inside me while I was reading this book. And let’s be honest, I think a piece of Lily lives within all of us.

Recommend It: Yes, especially to NYC peeps!

Evelyn Evelyn


Evelyn Evelyn by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, Illustrated by Cynthia von Buhler (will be released October 5, 2011)

Evelyn and Evelyn haven’t had an easy life. From the day they were born conjoined by a shared liver, the girls have known nothing but pain and tragedy.

Bouncing from one horrid home to another (first the home a crazed chicken farmed who treated them more like chickens than little girls the last being an abusive circus who only cared to put them on display) Evelyn and Evelyn only had each other to depend on.

Until the day they discovered music and music discovers them. But will the music world accept this odd talented duo, or will they shun them like everyone else has?

Evelyn Evelyn written by musicians Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley is a haunting yet beautiful graphic novel that tells of the trials and tribulations of being different. Told from the conjoined twins perspective, the story is fast paced and will keep readers at the edge of their seats.

Full of power and raw emotion, Evelyn Evelyn’s story will pull at readers heartstrings. Even though this is fiction it is very well crafted, realized, and written. This graphic novel wouldn’t be anything without the graphics. Evelyn Evelyn’s illustrations by Cynthia von Buhler are, macabre yes, but are also rich and lush. They lend a feeling of foreboding to the overall storyline, but still manage to paint in a glimmer of hope.

Evelyn Evelyn is a unique graphic novel that stands out among the masses. Fun, dark, and humorous, there is something to please all it’s readers.

Introducing Shorty Reviews!

Random, Reviews

As much as I would love to review every book I read, it’s impossible. I read far too much, and just don’t have that kind of time on my hands. Besides some books are just too difficult to review. With that said, I decided to feature an alternative styled review called Shorty Reviews.

Shorty Reviews just give blog followers/readers what they want and need to know about a book. It’s a bare bones, and stripped down review.

But please don’t think that these Shorty Reviews are replacing the normal, more  detailed reviews normally featured on The BookBandit Blog. No, no, no! This isn’t out with the old and in with the new. These Shorty Reviews will be featured sporadically in between normal postings.

I hope you enjoy them!

Summer Lovin’: A Book List


 The leaves are starting to change, school’s back in session. All the tell-tale signs of fall are in the air. But you aren’t ready for fall yet, are you? Want to hold on to summer just a bit longer? With these books, summer will live on all year round.

* The Sweetness of Salt by Cecilia Galante – When family drama arises within Julia’s picture perfect family, she decides to ditch her summer plans to spend time in Vermont with her estranged sister, Sophie. The sweetness of summer may not be as sweet as Julia’s hoping.

*Amy & Rogers Epic Detour by Morgan Matson – When Amy’s forced to drive cross-country with a family friend she hasn’t seen in years, Roger, she’s not exactly happy. But when they ditch her mother’s maps and travel  their way they find more than just home at the opposite end of the country, they find love.

* Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson – Scarlett Martin is turning fifteen, and in the Martin family that mean inheriting a room within the family’s run down hotel, the Hopewell. Not only does Scarlett inherit probably the best room in the Hopewell, but she also inherits a new job, and a new boy…maybe.

* Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood – Since chopping off her locks and dying whatever was left orange, Morgan is shipped off to Ireland where she will spend several weeks biking throughout the country. But when she flips over her handlebars and into a fairy-filled land, Morgan’s adventures in Ireland are just beginning.

* The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares – When four friends Carmen, Tibby, Lena, and Bridget realize they won’t be spending the summer together they form a sisterhood based around a single pair of thrift store jeans. A pair of jeans that somehow fits each of their different bodies. Linking four separate lives in four different corners of the world, these jeans will be the tie that binds them

These books aren’t enough? Head over to Miss Print’s blog for the second half!

So Much Closer


So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti

Brooke believes whole-heartedly in the power of soul mates, that two people are meant to be together, even if the other person doesn’t really know that yet. So when her soul mate, Scott, tells her he’s moving to New York City, Brooke has no other option but to pick up her life in small town New Jersey and make the move she’s dreamed about.

As luck would have it, not only does Scott live right around the block from Brooke, but they also have a class together. This is just perfect, or is it? When things start to heat up between Brooke and long time crush Scott, she soon realizes that maybe Scott isn’t her soulmate. Maybe someone completely different is?

So Much Closer, written by author Susane Colasanti, is a great read full of both love and most of all, hope. Colasanti really excels at sparking a sense of believing in the impossible within her readers. What will surprise readers is the fact that even though this book has a whimsical feel, it’s incredibly real. From the dialog, to the situations Brooke is in, readers will have no problem relating to So Much Closer.

Full of an unforgettable cast of characters, readers will easily find someone to relate to. Wheter it’s paper folding Brooke, warm fuzzy Sadie, or hoodie collecting John, this book has a little bit for everyone. So Much Closer is beyond well written. Colasanti’s writing makes New York City come to life. Uncovering some of the City’s hidden jewels like the High Line and Big Gay, the ice cream truck.

Harry Potter and The Socerer’s Stone (Book Bucket List Post)

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Way back in January, I posted my Book Bucket List, a list of ten books that I want to read before the clock strikes twelve December 31, 2o11. So following is the first installment. Enjoy!

Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Why did I include this book in my Book Bucket List?: I’ve been putting it off for a while, and figured it was about time I tackled it to see what all the fuss was about, to find out why everyone seems to love these books. Also, I really want to see the movies, hate watching movies based upon books without reading the book first.

Was it worth it? Yes, most definitely.

Brief Thoughts: I really loved this book. It was a lot of fun, and even though Harry and company faced a lot of scary challenges, I feel that there was a whimsical, almost magical quality to the book. I also love, love, loved Hermione. She’s such a spitfire, and a real role model for your girls.

Would I recommend this book?: Yes, in a heartbeat.



Shifting by Bethany Wiggins (will be released September 27, 2011)

Magdelene “Maggie” Mae Mortensen has never really fit in. Maybe it’s because of her criminal record, or because she’s never really stayed in one place very long. Most likely though, it’s because Maggie Mae is a shape shifter – a person who could change into the form and take on the mindset of an animal.

So when she’s placed in a new foster home in Silver City New Mexico, Maggie Mae is simply hoping to pass the year by relatively unnoticed. But when Bridger O’Connell, a local boy who’s off -limits due to his social status and family money, suddenly takes an interest in her, she find not only is she shifting, but so is her whole world.

But Bridger isn’t the only one taking an interest in her. For the past thirteen years or so, mysterious creatures have been following her. Now that they found her, and are quickly closing in on her, will she be able to protect herself and the people she loves? Will those she loves protect her?

Shifting, a novel by debut author Bethany Wiggins, is a quick read, packed with fast paced action and thriller styled adventure. Well written and realistically told,  Shifting is a rarity among Young Adult books.

Moving beyond the typical shapeshifter storylines, Wiggins doesn’t rely on the old stand by – wolves/werewolves. Instead, main character Maggie Mae is a breath of fresh air that could shift into almost … anything really.

Shifting, at its core, is a grander retelling of the Navajo folktale of Skinwalkers. Wiggins take on the tale is insightful, inviting, but most of all entertaining.What makes this book work so well is that author Wiggins keeps her chapters short and to the point, without leaving out the finer points that make Shifting what it is.

Extra! Extra!

Want to know more about Skinwalkers? Read all about them here!