Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Simply Couldn’t Put Down

Top Ten Tuesday

(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. The above photo was taken and altered by me for the purpose of this post.)

Hello Readers!

Today I’m sharing with you ten books that I simply couldn’t put down. These are all books that I absolutely loved, and in some ways am still thinking about. Not only were they books I couldn’t put down for a mere moment, but they are books that left a lasting impression. Those books are…

The Hate U Give Ι Angie Thomas

We Are Okay Ι  Nina LaCour

All in Pieces Ι Suzanne Young

Splintered Ι  A.G. Howard

Beneath a Meth Moon Ι  Jacqueline Woodson

Everything, Everything Ι  Nicola Yoon

Delirium Ι  Lauren Oliver

Dreamland Social Club Ι  Tara Altebrando

Things We Know By Heart Ι  Jessi Kirby

We Were Liars Ι  E. Lockhart

So  readers, what are some books that you couldn’t put down? Please share in the comments!

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Rise of the Balloon Goons


Rise of the Balloon Goons (Notebook of Doom #1) by Troy Cummings


Alexander Bopp is a scared-y cat. He’s scared of practically everything. But there’s nothing as scary as living in a new, unfamiliar town, starting a new school, and the prospect of making new friends.

Of at least he thinks there’s nothing scarier. 

When he and his dad go out in search of a place to eat breakfast, Alexander notices something very strange about his new town. In front of every store , on every street corner there are these strange dancing balloon guys, or balloon goons are Alexander calls them.  

What’s even stranger than the fact that these balloon guys are everywhere, is the fact that they seem to be able to move on their own. 

And Alexander swears that they’re following, just waiting to attack him. He needs to figure out how to defeat or rather deflate the balloon goons before they make his life a living nightmare. 

Rise of the Balloon Goons, written by Troy Cummings, is the first book in the Notebook of Doom series. 

Cummings’s writing is simple yet engaging. He doesn’t rely on over telling this short story. However, through quick chapters and an action packed plot line, readers will be hooked.

Alexander is a character that I really liked. I felt that young readers will easily relate to. Besides that, through Alexander, they’ll see that it’s okay to be afraid. And that everyone – no matter their age – is afraid of something. 

Rise of the Balloon Goons was a super quick read. Because of short chapters and a fast-moving plot, kids will gobble this book up. And will be eager for more! 

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Daughters Unto Devils


Daughters Unto Devils by Amy Lukavics


Amanda didn’t expect to live through the winter. Ma was sick, deathly so. Baby Hannah seemed to scream endlessly and tirelessly. If things weren’t bad enough, Amanda started to see and hear things … Things that weren’t there. 

Amanda was going crazy. 

To keep his family safe and Amanda sane, Pa decides to move the family from their secluded mountain town to the deserted open prairie. There, they’ll put the past behind them and move forward. 

Amanda wants to be excited about this move, but how can she? She’s leaving behind the only home she’s known. And the boy she’s secretly in love with and impregnated by.

But things don’t seem right on the prairie. Their new house was found covered in blood. Amanda hears a frequent knocking. And scariest of all, there’s a ghostly baby calling to her. 

Is cabin fever setting in again? Or is it something more sinister? 

Daughters Unto Devils is a spine-chilling, stay up late reading debut written by author Amy Lukavics. 

Author Lukavis is a skilled writer. Her words are strong, creating dark and eerie descriptions. But more than that is the way she builds suspense. Each page will leave readers gripping the edge of their sets, just waiting to send them screaming with horror. 

While Lukavics words were scarier, nothing was as scary as the sparse setting – which plays a huge role to this story. Amanda and her family live on an undeveloped open prairie surrounded by ominous woods. There are no neighbors. They are completely alone leaving them vulnerable to both the seen and unseen evils.

The characters that fill Daughters Unto Devils  are well crafted and well-developed. Main character Amanda is honestly flawed, and not one hundred percent reliable. I think that’s why I personally thought she was a great character! And why I think you will too. 

Daughters Unto Devils is a true horror novel if I’ve ever read one. With unforeseen twists and turns this book will leave you a bit more than creeped out. Warning: read with the light on! 

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I Try, Really I Do


As you already know, I am an avid reader. Because of that coupled with the fact that I run a book blog, you’d think I’d review every single book I read. As much as I would love to, I just can’t. 
Today, I want to give an explanation for that. 
Yes, when I first started blogging many moons ago I really did review everything I read. And it was great. But as time passed and life changed I started to find it difficult to review everything. 
Well, there are many instances where I’ve read a book and have absolutely loved it! So much so that I could give proper credit. I would gush so much, that my review was was basically me fangirling. And not that that’s a bad thing, but when I gush I feel like I don’t give any solid reasons why I feels others should read/enjoy the book. 
There are other times that I’ve read and loved a book and have quickly written up a review. But because of my perfectionism, that review which doesn’t seem finished or polished to me and because of that, it gets scrapped, and will never be posted. Simply put, I sometimes feel that my words will not do this book justice. 
And still, there are times I read a book, and I have to process it. Sometimes it takes me a really long time to process it, so long the review doesn’t get written mainly because I feel my review won’t be relevant.
I know these sound like excuses, but they are all truth. Writing reviews isn’t necessarily easy for me, I don’t think they are easy for any blogger, but I try, really I do.