Every Other Day


Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Kali is an average teenage girl whose main goal is to glide through her high school halls relatively unnoticed. But every twenty-four hours she canges into something, or rather someone, entirely different.

Every other day Kali changes from awkward social outcast to skilled, but blood-thirsty, hunter with a hero complex. obsessively, she’s always on the hunt for any preternatural creatures – hellhounds, zombies, or whatever creation science throws her way.

Determined to keep the human race safe and in tact, Kali can’t possibly walk away when she sees a chupacabra marking on miss popularity Bethany. Knowing that in a few hours she’ll be able to defeat the creature, Kali lures the little nibbler from Bethany’s body into her own.

With it brings a whole new set of problems. For one she has this unquenchable thirst and second she’s able to mentally communicate with the, what she thinks is, the chupacabra.¬† This isn’t normal, even for not so normal Kali. The more she talks with the being named Zev, Kali slowly starts to learn the truth about the world she lives in and who she really is.

Every Other Day written by author Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a compulsively readable book that readers will have a real hard time pulling themselves away from. Full of unforseen twists and turns, Barnes does the unthinkable – she’s written a paranormal book minus the romance element. Every Other Day is far from a paranormal romance, but instead a quick paced, action packed read with a strong paranormal twist.

Barnes writing is mostly catchy, clear, and concise. Not one sentence drags, but rather fuels the already strong storyline. However, there are moments where it felt as if it just didn’t flow exactly right. Transitioning¬† from one place/situation to another seemed to be a challenge early on. One moment Kali’s hunting and the next moment, without warning, she’s in the middle of a high school pep rally. Even though this did cause minor confusion, it was quickly resolved.

Every Other Day is a stand out novel. And what makes it so is Kali. She’s a strong lead and an even stronger heroine who was well described and well-rounded. Even though she often comes across as being a bit rough around the edges, Kali is real, relatable, and really does have good intentions.