Under Construction


Hello Readers!

As you know I haven’t been actively blogging. Okay, let’s get real, I haven’t really been blogging at all.  And there’s a reason why. For the past few months, I feel like blogging was a chore. Somewhere along the line it lost it’s fun and excitement. Somehow, I feel like I forgot who I was as a blogger and all the reasons of why I started blogging in the first place.

About a month ago I asked myself if I should continue blogging or if I should walk away from it all? I thought long and hard, and realized that I miss (actively) blogging. I miss sharing my thoughts and opinions of the books I am reading. I miss keeping a record of, not only the books, but of those thoughts about said books.

With that said, I decided that I would continue to blog. It feels right.

But I knew if I was going to continue on this blogging journey, I needed to change things. That’s why I decided that for the next month, The BookBandit Blog will be under construction. I am planning on relaunching The BookBandit Blog on Monday June 5th.

What can you expect from the new and improved BookBandit Blog? Rest assured that I will of course feature reviews, author interviews, giveaways just like the old BookBandit Blog. But going forward I will have new features in place – features that will let me step outside of the boundaries I set when I first created this blog.

Some features will focus on my new-found love and appreciation of middle grade books, other features will allow me to share my own personal writings with you, my dear readers.

The new BookBandit Blog will be bigger and better than ever! I’m finally excited about blogging again, and I can’t wait to share all the new features you.

Thank You for being patient, for reading and commenting, and for being a part of my blogging journey!


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