Book of the Week: Betsy B. Little

Book of the Week, Children's

Betsy B. Little by Anne McEvoy Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Published: HarperCollins in 2008

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The cover is hot pink, need I say more.

The main character is about a giraffe. I love giraffes (even fed some … really!)

I think it’s ironic how main character Betsy B’s last name is little, being that she’s far from little.

Betsy B. has some real spunk! I like that about her, and think that spunk makes her a really memorable character.

I love how this book shows that every kid, big and small, should reach for the highest star! Nothing is impossible.

You know how I love rhyming text, right? Well Betsy B. Little is one of the fantastic rhyming books.

I love how all the cute animals are dressed up, they have a real sense of style.

I love how this book shows to live life to the fullest, and shows that size doesn’t matter.

Betsy B. is a ballet dancer. She even wears a pink tutu.

I love that she’s a ballet dancer. As one of my favorite animals I think giraffes are one of the most graceful creatures, despite their size/height.

Betsy B. doesn’t give up, no matter how many people think she should give up.

I love the illustrations, they are all so lush and rich.

The illustrations really compliment the writing – which is fun, whimsical, and smart.

I love how this books shows the trials and tribulations of being a giraffe.



Lola and the Boy Next Door


Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Seventeen year old Lola Nolan is in love with twenty-two year old rock god Max. And nothing can shake that. Not of her disapproving parents who force Sunday brunch upon her and Max. Not her best friend who thinks she could do way better than a rock wanna be. But those things don’t matter to Lola. No one is going to stand in between her and her guy.

That is until Cricket Bell shows up next door. Cricket Bell the same boy who, two years earlier, made her heart flutter and break in one short summer. The boy she swore would never mean anything to her again.

But something’s changed. Cricket isn’t only taller, he’s startlingly better looking, and seemingly interested in her. With mixed up feelings, and new emotions bubbling up inside her Lola’s definitely in love – but with who?

Lola and the Boy Next Door written by author Stephanie Perkins is a straight up romance novel full of whimsical fun, laughs, and of course love. Far from fluffy, Perkins second novel conquers facing the ups and downs of first love.

Perkins writing is flawless. Full of the wit and humor, her words not only make for a memorable story, but breathes life into her characters. Lola, especially, is unforgettable. From her many over the top wigs to funky I don’t give a damn style, Lola is the kind of person every girl wants to be friends with, and every guy wants to date.

Lola and the Boy Next Door is a read for everyone, from fashionista to punk rock princesses. And best of all (at least to me) is that it features Marie Antoinette, or at least a Marie Antoinette costume!

Nano Post # 2


It’s been two whole weeks, fifteen whole days since the start o NanoWriMo. I’ve been trying my hardest to write every single day. But let’s face it, life sometimes gets in the way. And other times, I sit at my computer and stare at a blank screen waiting for words to magically appear. And still, there are days where the words never cease.

Within these two weeks I have crammed in some great writing sessions. Turning out pages I must say I’m proud of. Though my story isn’t where I want it to be, so I’m not going to share it with you … yet. But I will share something else I’ve been working on. A play list of all the music that has inspired me or has crept its way into my hopeful book.

Come As You Are by Nirvana

All Eyes on Me by Goo Goo Dolls

Open Road Song by Eve 6

Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

Going Away by Meg & Dia

Promise by Eve 6

Need You Tonight by INXS

Extraordinary by Mandy Moore

Drive by Incubus

Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite

Mother Stands for Comfort by Kate Bush

Helter Skelter by The Beatles

Zombie by The Pretty Reckless

Say You’re Sorry by Sara Bareilles

Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance

21 Guns by Green Day

Black Lines to Battlefields by Acceptance

Telephone by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce

Bobby Magee by Janis Joplin

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

Joy to the World by Three Dog Night

Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley

Jeremy by Pearl Jam

End of the World by R.E.M.

Breathe by Anberlin

Better Life by Conditions

Jolene by Dolly Parton

Under the Bridge by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Millstone by Brand New

Cadillac Ranch by Bruce Springsteen

Aliens Exist by Blink 182

While this playlist doesn’t offer much about what my story is about, it shows who I am and just how much music inspires every aspect of my life.

So, update # 3: 7258 words written, 42, 742 more to go!

The Name of the Star


The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

Aurora “Rory” Deveaux is from a small town in Louisiana, and she knows if she doesn’t get out now while she’s young, she’ll never leave. So when her parents take teaching positions in England, she opts to join them. She’s looking forward to spending her senior year of high school in one of London’s school, expecting an experience of a lifetime.

And boy does she get it, starting the moment she arrives in London. Her driver tells her that her arrival coincides with someone’s vicious murder. Not just murder, but a Ripper styled murder. At first Rory thinks nothing of it. There’s absolutely no way that there’s any connection or coincidence with the murder and her arrival.

Or is there? When Rory suddenly starts seeing a creepy man lurking around, she’s not only unnerved, but she may also be the next victim.

The Name of the Star, book one of Maureen Johnson’s Shades of London series, is a riveting start to a highly anticipated series. Her first mystery will not let readers done, even those hardcore mystery lovers.

Full of twists and turns, The Name of the Star is based upon the infamous Jack the Ripper slayings of 1888. Mixing history with paranormal suspense, readers will be left gripping the edge of their seats … tightly. But this book isn’t just chock full of mystery. Not surprisingly, it’s fun and apparently funny. Johnson’s personality is seamlessly woven into the text.

But what really makes this is leading lady Rory. Realistic and one of a kind, Rory is a fresh take on the old-fashioned heroin. Johnson. She’s quick thinking, full of home spun Southern charm, and not afraid to follow her gut, not even if her gut leads her into some dangerous situations.

Smartly written, The Name of the Star is an exciting read that all true Johnson fans will adore. And it’s sure to attracted some new fans along the way.

Blogging It Up


I’ve been blogging for over a year now, but even so I still consider myself relatively new in the blogging world. Afterall, I’m still trying to improve it to make it the best BookBandit Blog possible. I’m still spreading the word around about it (thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and those amazing Moo business cards). I’m still perfecting my reviewing skills.

But those things don’t make me any less of a blogger.  And as a blogger I feel it’s important to read other blogs. Reading other blogs, isn’t only enjoyable, but it in my opinion, it broadens the blogging community. We bloggers may never meet one another, but we get to know each other through our blogs, since in many ways they are extensions of who we are.

Yes, I read blogs. Some relating to books, some not so much. I thought it would be fun to post about some of the blogs that I read and love on a daily basis.

How About Orange: A really great craft blog that is full of craft tips, tricks, and ideas. All of the craft projects featured aren’t only creative, but they seem simple enough that even wannabe crafters like me can make!

Me: A Work in Progress Since 1983: Sherri is the singer/guitarist for one of my most favorite bands, Eisley. I love to follow her Tumblr because of all the beautiful art work she posts (her own as well as others), plus I love to see what color her hair is!

Adventures of Cecilia Bedelia: I recently stumbled upon this blog, and boy am I glad I did. I love her unconventional review style. It breathes a breath of fresh air into reviews.

What Claudia Wore: From her care-free spirit to her over the top sense of style, Claudia was everyone’s favorite babysitter. Not only does this blog critique what Claudia wore, but it also depicts our favorite moments of the Babysitters Club, while giving tips and tricks to Claudia-fy yourself.

Miss Print: My real life good friend Emma’s blog is one of a kind. It’s hard to pick just one aspect of her blog that I love most. From the book lists that are well-rounded and insightful, to the on point and honest reviews. Miss Print has something to offer every reader out there.

Dollar Store Crafts: Crafting on a budget, what’s not to like about this blog!

Some Girls Wander: It’s all things vintage. Reading this blog kind of makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time. Like the blogger, I often feel like I was born during the wrong time period. Some Girls Wander lets me escape into any time period, and gives me a glimpse of some things once popular but long forgotten.

Write You’re Heart Out, Baby!


It’s November! And to most, that doesn’t mean much. But to many it means the beginning of a month-long writing fest – NanoWriMo.

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of this NanoWriMo, and now that I’ve mentioned it, you want to know what it is? NanoWriMo is a month-long creative writing project that challenges all participants (who willingly sign up) to write a 50, 000 word novel.

I’ve known about NanoWriMo for at least three years now. And every year I’ve skirted around the idea of actually participating in this challenge. But for three years I’ve chickened out. I know, I know … your fearless blogger is a big wimp. Well, no more wimping out for me.

I’ve decided it was about time that I take the NanoWriMo plunge. Yes, that’s right, I signed myself up, and am officially am taking part in this years writing festivities.

I’m a lot of things, but I’ve always considered myself a writer first and foremost. It all started when I was in second grade and wrote my first short story about a family of talking apple trees (I kid you know about this). Earlier this year, I decide it was time to actually put those floating ideas in my head down on paper. Since March I’ve been writing something I’m proud of.

For a fleeting moment I didn’t think I would be about to actually participate since my novel was already in the works. This fleeting thought worried me briefly, but I soon found out that YES! I can still participate, but only if I don’t count the words already written.

Anywho, why I am writing this? Since I’m participating in NanoWriMo, and I blog on a regular basis I decided that for the month of November I will be posting updates on my progress, word count, and the like.

Yes,  as November 1 has come and gone, I have already started. So update #1: 2,946 words. 47, 054 more words to go.

Book of the Week: Earth to Clunk

Book of the Week, Children's

Earth to Clunk by Pam Smallcomb Illustrated by Joe Berger

Published: 2011 by Dial

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

One of the main characters is an alien. I like aliens, especially the one’s with the giant green heads and black as coal eyes. Those are terrifying.

I love how this book, in a way, promotes letter writing. I for one think it’s a lost art that needs to be rediscovered.

It showed  how one person’s junk is another’s treasure.  For example, when the un-named main character sends Clunk the alien old leftovers, Clunk loves it!

The story is imaginative, and in a way lets children wonder if there are aliens out there.

I love all the gifts Clunk sends: a Zoid who looks like a floating cotton ball, three forps which look like three multicolored socks with eyes, that small…bad, and this jumble of what looks like blue bubbles with long tube like extensions with tiny black suction cups at the end. No one’s really sure what it is.

I love how this book shows that friends come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

The writing is fun and whimsical, full of apparent humor that kids and adults will equally love.

I love how this book was relatable. We all know what it’s like to have to do something we really don’t want to.

The illustrations are bold, capturing the spirit of the book.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Last week I received an email from my good friend Miss Print. Now, this isn’t uncommon. But what was so surprising is that the lovely Miss Print awarded me with an award – a blog award that is. Yes! A Liebster Award!

Before I go into any details about what this award is, or what it entails, I want to say THANK YOU to Miss Print for taking the time out to read my blog, and to think it worthy to give such an award to.  I work hard to make this blog be the best it could be, and to be awarded a Liebster is a real honor.

So What is a Liebster Award? It’s a virtual award given to blogs/bloggers with under 200 followers. It’s purpose is to bring attention to up and coming blogs, to help draw in new followers.

Are there any requirements? Obviously yes there are.

What are these requirements? They’re simple:

* Say Thanks to the person who passed this award on to you. (Thanks again Miss Print)

* Choose five other blogs (that you frequently read) to pass this honor along to. (Since most of the blogs I read/follow have way over 200 followers/subscribers, I’m only choosing three blogs to give the award to)

* Let those five blog winners (or if you’re me, three) know via blog comment.

* Post about the award on your own blog.

Simple, right?!

So, without further adieu, here are the blogs that I, the BookBandit, am passing this award to:

* Book ‘Em: Reading Adventures of a Wannabe Librarian I recently stumbled upon this blog, and I’m sure glad I did. I love reading the reviews, mainly because she gives the book’s summary, plus her thoughts on the book. It’s a really interesting twist on the standard reviews.

* This Grrl Reads … A Lot Run by a good friend, Alexa’s blog doesn’t disappoint! Her reviews are direct and honest. I especially look forward to reading her reviews of graphic novels. As I don’t read many, This Grrl Reads … A Lot keeps me posted on all things graphic novels.

* Glitter Pox Unlike my first two fave blogs, this is one that isn’t book-centric. Instead it’s music-centric. I love music, and I love how Glitter Pox not only reviews music, but opens my ears up to music I may not have come across otherwise.

So, there you have it. The three blogs that I feel deserve a Liebster award.

I know I said it once or twice, a big THANK YOU to Miss Print! I wouldn’t have this Liebster award without her. And another big THANK YOU to everyone who reads, follows, and subscribes to The BookBandit Blog.