The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me


The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl


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About a month or so ago I was asked if I’d be interested in participating in a special blog tour to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday! I, very obviously, jumped at the chance! Roald Dahl is a childhood (and adult) favorite. There is something so special about his books.

Because there are so many wonderful blog participating in this tour, we weren’t guaranteed the book we wanted. When choosing I snuck in two Dahl books that I haven’t read. And luckily for me,  I was given The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me!

Want to know what I thought of this never read before Dahl book?! Well keep reading!


Little Billy has but one dream: to own the town’s best candy shop. And he knows the perfect place for it: the old, boarded up show with the “for sail” sign hanging in the window. Day in and day out Billy sits, stares, and dreams about the day when it’s his.

Until the day that he notices the sign has been taken down, the boards that covered the windows removed, and the new renovations. Billy wonders who bought the old boarded up shop, and what they’re going to do with it. Upon further inspection he soon learns that the Ladderless Window Cleaners have moved in.

Since he can’t open his candy shop, Billy decides to help the ladder less winder cleaners who consist of Giraffe (the “ladder” of the company) Pelican (the water holder), and Monkey (the window washer).

Working for a ladderless window cleaning doesn’t seem as much fun as working in a candy shop, that is until the Duke requests Billy, Giraffe, Pelly, and Monkey to work for them.  There are hundreds of windows to wash – will the Ladderless Window Cleaners be up to the job?

The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me, written by author Roald Dahl, is a short story that will leave readers (of all ages) laughing.

This is a classic Dahl book. The writing is strong yet silly. Filled with just the right amount of charm, magic, and a bit of mayhem The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me, like all of Dahl’s books, let’s reader’s imaginations soar.

Because this book isn’t very long there wasn’t a large cast of characters. But that is not a bad thing! Why? Because the character were truly the best part of this book. Little Billy is the kind of character that readers will easily identify with. Through him, they will see that with a little work, hopes and dreams really can come true.

And then there’s Giraffe, Pelly, and Monkey. Even though they are animals, they are still relatable. Readers will get the chance to see just how much they trust one another, how they love and care for each other, and above all, how they stick together through good and bad. They are a shining example of what strong friendships are made of.

Besides the writing and the characters, another aspect I really loved, and felt that truly helped bring the story to life were Quentin Blake’s illustrations. Done in a sketch style (or what I presume is a sketch style) they add an additional layer of charm and a touch of whimsy. I particularly appreciated how they didn’t over power the book. Instead they helped readers imagine each moment of the plot as it unfolded.

The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Dahl was truly a fun read! And whether you’ve read and loved other Dahl books or this is the first book you’ve ever read by him, you will not be disappointed!

Stealing Snow


Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige (received ARC from Publishers at BEA16)


All Snow knows is life within walls. She’s lived in Whittaker, a mental hospital, practically her whole life. There she has friends like Vern who believe in her. She has found love in Bale, another patient. And she actually has a life. Out there, in the real world. Snow has nothing … nothing but a mother she resents and a father she barely knows.

Her life isn’t ideal, but it’s hers. Or is it?

Snow has never questioned her doctors or their motives, she’s never challenged her therapy sessions, she’s never refused any of the medication she’s been given. That is, until a strange boy and an even stranger dream convince her that Snow is more than this, and that she needs to get out of Whittaker.

When Bale suddenly goes missing, Sow take the opportunity to run away. She wants … needs to find Bale, but what she finds is a cold world filled with both magic and mayhem, that she is actually queen of.

Stealing Snow, written by author Danielle Piage, is a fantastical retelling of The Snow Queen.

Paige’s writing is solid. She’s managed to take a beloved story and make it her own. Through vivid descriptions, Paige excels at showing readers Algid, not just telling them about it. But no matter how vivid this unfamiliar world is, admittedly it wasn’t as fully developed as it could have been. As a reader, I struggled to find answers to the most basic of questions. Questions that should have been answered as the world unfolded.

At the start, I assumed that Stealing Snow would be a fast paced, action packed fantasy. And it was … the last quarter of the book. There was a lot of buildup, with very little payoff. Bluntly put: Stealing Snow was an extremely slow read.

As much as the pacing bothered me, the fact that there were not one, but three love interests, bothered me more than anything else. What’s worse that multiple love interests was the fact that they were all unnecessary. They did not add anything to the story.

Snow had so much potential to be the heroine that readers deserved. She had flaws, which made her vulnerable and easily relatable. But she lacked confidence. Besides that, there were many a moment where I simply wanted to shake sense into her. Because of this I was often left frustrated with her. While Snow wasn’t my favorite character, I will say this: the growth from start to finish was noticeable, and greatly appreciated.

I wanted more from Stealing Snow. And from all the hype, I expected more. I was disappointed. Even so, I’m curious about what’s going to happen to Snow in the upcoming books. Though I’m not sure I’ll read them, I surely hope that, not only will those burning questions be answered, but  that Snow will grow into the heroine she is supposed to be.

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Stars Hollow Monthly: A Subscription Box Review



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If you know me, you already know I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. You know who my fave character is, besides Lorelei and Rory (it’s Lane). You know what team I’m on (team Jess 4 Eva). And you know my favorite episode (You Jump, I Jump Jack).

So when Emma (aka Miss Print) told me there was a Gilmore Girls themed monthly subscription box, I needed it in my life.

Put out by Lit-Cube, Stars Hollow Monthly offers fans one of a kind  Gilmore Girls themed goodies. From searching the Stars Hollow Monthly hashtag on Instagram boxes in the past have included everything from coffee to t-shirts.

August’s box was chock full of surprises. This box included:

  • A package of Boca Java coffee (because let’s be honest, what kind of Gilmore Girls box would it be without coffee?!?)
  • A ceramic Luke’s Diner travel cup (to put that coffee in, of course.)
  • A set of Dragon Fly Inn coasters. (so the Luke’s Diner travel cup does lent scuff the table)
  • A pill/trinket box that says “I’m afraid once your heart’s involved it all comes out in moron.” (To keep aspirin for the headache I’ll get from drinking all that coffee lol)

The first think I noticed was the packaging. The box was white, with stars and umbrellas around the four sides. It was whimsical, super cute, and total GG style. On the top there was the logo: the famed gazebo with Stars Hollow  Monthly written across it. I personally thought the gazebo was a nice touch.


When I first opened the box, I received a takeout menu from Luke’s Diner. This pamphlet outlined information all the products that were contained in the box. Because I knew that going into this opening I read that last. I didn’t want the pamphlet to give away the surprises, I simply wanted to find out for myself what was in this box.


It was packaged in hot pink tissue paper and white paper filler. Because the actual box is so pretty on the outside, keeping the inside packaging simple was a plus. Another plus: I didn’t have to dig around looking for the items. I simply peeled back the tissue paper and bam! Everything was neatly placed right before my eyes!

FullSizeRender (1)

While this box may not contain as many items as other subscription boxes hold, I felt that all of the items were quality items. When I first signed up, it was a bit hesitant. Thirty dollars was a lot to spend on a monthly subscription box I felt. But after seeing the potential of items that will be received – between the unique-ness and the quality – I feel that it was worth it.

There’s only one negative thing I can say about Stars Hollow Monthly: it shipped late and because of that I technically did not receive the box in August. But! I don’t hold Lit-Cube or the people who created this box responsible. They were professional and sent out e-mails explaining why the boxes went out late (they were having some issues with their shippers). I felt that the situation was out of the Lit-Cube people’s hands and they dealt with it the best they could.

All in all, the Stars Hollow Monthly box was a success! I’m already eagerly awaiting the arrival of September’s box!