Fracture by Megan Miranda (will be released January 17, 2012)

When Delaney Maxwell falls through a frozen Maine lake, sinking deeper and deeper into the bone chilling water she knows she’s a goner. So do all of her friends struggling to save her. And for a whole eleven minutes Delaney was clinically dead. Until boy next door and best friend Decker pulls her out, and saves her life.

But something isn’t right. Delaney may be alive, physically, but she can still feel death settling in all around her, causing a spine tingling sensation to race through her body – pulling her in every direction. She’s not sure what’s happening to her  and neither are her doctors. Does anyone know what’s going on?

There’s one person who knows what’s going on. Unfortunately for Delaney he’s a stranger who believes this new-found gift is a curse that only death can bring to an end.

Fracture, debut novel by author Megan Miranda, is a startlingly realistic read that will not let down. Attention will be captured within only a few short pages, and by the end reader’s will find themselves biting their nails. Everything that readers could want out of a book is packed into Miranda’s solid novel: romance, thrills, and even a bit of mystery.

Besides a strong plot that was wonderfully executed, what made Fracture such an impressive read was that it was character driven. Each character from Delaney to Decker are real, openly honest, and written with lots of emotion. Readers will instantly connect with them, especially Delaney, and by the end will feel as if a close friend is retelling their own, often scary story.

Readers will find it hard to pull themselves away from this read. Author Miranda has demonstrated that she’s a skilled writer and will leave readers anticipating her next book.