Stars Hollow Monthly: A Subscription Box Review



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If you know me, you already know I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. You know who my fave character is, besides Lorelei and Rory (it’s Lane). You know what team I’m on (team Jess 4 Eva). And you know my favorite episode (You Jump, I Jump Jack).

So when Emma (aka Miss Print) told me there was a Gilmore Girls themed monthly subscription box, I needed it in my life.

Put out by Lit-Cube, Stars Hollow Monthly offers fans one of a kind  Gilmore Girls themed goodies. From searching the Stars Hollow Monthly hashtag on Instagram boxes in the past have included everything from coffee to t-shirts.

August’s box was chock full of surprises. This box included:

  • A package of Boca Java coffee (because let’s be honest, what kind of Gilmore Girls box would it be without coffee?!?)
  • A ceramic Luke’s Diner travel cup (to put that coffee in, of course.)
  • A set of Dragon Fly Inn coasters. (so the Luke’s Diner travel cup does lent scuff the table)
  • A pill/trinket box that says “I’m afraid once your heart’s involved it all comes out in moron.” (To keep aspirin for the headache I’ll get from drinking all that coffee lol)

The first think I noticed was the packaging. The box was white, with stars and umbrellas around the four sides. It was whimsical, super cute, and total GG style. On the top there was the logo: the famed gazebo with Stars Hollow  Monthly written across it. I personally thought the gazebo was a nice touch.


When I first opened the box, I received a takeout menu from Luke’s Diner. This pamphlet outlined information all the products that were contained in the box. Because I knew that going into this opening I read that last. I didn’t want the pamphlet to give away the surprises, I simply wanted to find out for myself what was in this box.


It was packaged in hot pink tissue paper and white paper filler. Because the actual box is so pretty on the outside, keeping the inside packaging simple was a plus. Another plus: I didn’t have to dig around looking for the items. I simply peeled back the tissue paper and bam! Everything was neatly placed right before my eyes!

FullSizeRender (1)

While this box may not contain as many items as other subscription boxes hold, I felt that all of the items were quality items. When I first signed up, it was a bit hesitant. Thirty dollars was a lot to spend on a monthly subscription box I felt. But after seeing the potential of items that will be received – between the unique-ness and the quality – I feel that it was worth it.

There’s only one negative thing I can say about Stars Hollow Monthly: it shipped late and because of that I technically did not receive the box in August. But! I don’t hold Lit-Cube or the people who created this box responsible. They were professional and sent out e-mails explaining why the boxes went out late (they were having some issues with their shippers). I felt that the situation was out of the Lit-Cube people’s hands and they dealt with it the best they could.

All in all, the Stars Hollow Monthly box was a success! I’m already eagerly awaiting the arrival of September’s box!



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