Around the Web (#17)

Did you make your Goodreads reading challenge last year? You did great whether you did or didn’t. But if you didn’t and are wondering how to change that, Epic Reads has you covered! Check out their 5 Ways to Beat Your Goodreads Challenge.

I’m deep in a Harry Potter read! (This is my first time reading HP). And I have many opinions! (As of right now, Ron is still my fave!) But one of those opinions is that Slytherins aren’t  evil, I think they’re just misunderstood. Book Riot agrees with me.

Take a quiz to find out what book you should read based upon Disney princess fashions! (According to the quiz I should read Karin Slaughter’s Pretty Girls)

This past Monday (January 15th) we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Here’s a list of picture books to keep the dream alive.

I just really enjoyed this post (it may have inspired me to write something similar … stay tuned)

Newest YouTube Channel I Started Watching: OhYeahTV

Newest Blog I Started Reading: Alex in Wonderland


Around the Web (#16)

Fan of YA books? Ever wonder if your life was fit for one? Take this quiz and find out!

Get me out of this (reading) slump!

he Hate U Give left a lasting impression on me … a hole in my heart. If you feel the same way, check out this article about books that can possibly fill the void.
Think a book buying bad is a good idea? Think again!
Congrats to author Jacqueline Woodson!
Wonder what the most searched for GoodReads book(s) was? Hello Giggles has you covered!
Newest YouTube Channel I Started Watching:  A Dash of Ash
Newest Blog I Started Reading: The Battered Suitcase

Around the Web (#15)

Who’s ready for a new book by the one and only Maureen Johnson?! I know I am! So much so that I can barely wait. If you’re as impatient as I am, check out these first two chapters!

Famous writers weigh in on the books they are most thankful for.

I couldn’t make it to Yallfest this year, but I can live vicariously through these photos!

Build a playlist, and let this quiz tell you which road trip themed book you should read! (I created my own list and it said I should read Looking for Group by Rory Harrison, which is about “A brave, timely YA about two misfit teens—one in remission from cancer, one in the throes of discovering her gender identity—who embark on a cross-country road trip.”)

Calling all Stranger Things fans! (I still haven’t watched Season 2)

I’ve always wanted to do a 24 hour read-a-thon. But I fear I wouldn’t follow through and it just wouldn’t work for me.  If you are like me, check out this interesting article.

YA books to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.



Around the Web (#14)

(The above image was created by me for the purpose of this post via Canva.)

Thing you’d survive a post-apocalyptic world?! What role would you play?

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but even I can admit that this concept art is pretty beautiful.

THUG (go behind the scenes)

My in real life bff Emma (or maybe you know her as Miss Print) wrote this article/interview!!! And it’s awesome!

Great horror novels written by great women!

Read manga? Here are some new reads to add to your list.

Looking for diverse reads? This article has you covered!

Around the Web (#12)

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Libba Bray has a lot to say about Hollywood’s Woman Problem. Go Libba!

Hurricane Harvey was a disaster. And my heart goes out to all who have been affected. But out of disaster, comes something great.

Storybook Island: my next vacation destination (I’m kidding … or am I?)

In celebration of all things Stephen King and the remake of the classic clown horror flick, It, take this quiz to find out which Stephen King novel you are. (If you are interested, I got The Shining. Honestly, this fits me perfectly as it’s one of my most favorite Stephen King movies.)

Is Taylor Swift’s new song really about Kendare Blake’s Three Dark Crowns?

Tumble & Blue has been on my radar for a while. Maybe it’s on yours too.

E. Lockhart’s talking about stories with difficult women.

Speaking of E. Lockhart, you should check out this trailer for her upcoming YA novel – Genuine Fraud.


Around the Web (#11)

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For you or the YA reader in your life.

I absolutely LOVE Molly Idle’s work. I’m glad to see her upcoming is getting a starred review!

Calling all Cassandra Clare fans! I’m sure you’ve already seen this interview, but figured I would share since I enjoyed her interview with Independent.

I’m still not one hundred percent sure as to what exactly happened here. If you’re like me, hopefully this offers more info on how the YA Community had a book removed from the bestsellers list.

Are you in love? Need a good quote? Look no further!