About The BookBandit

Hello Dear Readers!

My name is Nicole, the reader/writer behind The BookBandit Blog.

The BookBandit Blog was started in April 2010 with the main purpose of sharing my thoughts and opinions about the books I loved (and some that I didn’t love). But ten years later it has grown into something more. As the creator it’s become a source of a creative outlet, a place to express my viewpoints, and a place where I could write creatively.

Besides being a book blogger, I am a Youth Services Librarian at a New Jersey public library. I originally set out to become a librarian because I wanted to work with books. But I’ve come to realize that I have the opportunity to hand someone their next favorite book, and I love that!  I’m an avid reader (obviously) who also considers herself to be an aspiring writer.

I’ve never been great at crafting my own biography, so additionally, here are some fun facts about me:

I have little to no attention span.

I love pickles and cheese.

I mainly read YA books, but I’m always pushing myself to read outside of my comfort zone. 

My So Called Life forever changed television, and me.

When I was younger my ultimate goal was to own an indie record store. My goals have obviously changed and morphed, but a part of me still would love to own an indie record store.

I love movies just as mush as music and books. 

I don’t think with the side of my brain that’s dedicated to all things math and science.

My favorite author changes on a daily basis. 

I convinced myself that I should read the “classics” but really, I have no desire too.

I’m a bit Disney obsessed. Speaking of Disney, I also collect Disney pins.

I love all things horror related.

I like loud music.

I spend too much time on YouTube.

I love to travel.

My idea of “roughing it” is seven girls sharing one bathroom.  I’m Troop Beverly Hills all the way (yes, I was a girl scout, and a part of me wishes I had kept up with it.)

I love nature, I just don’t enjoy being in it, i.e. camping.

I’m allergic to most animals, even birds. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want a dog.

I’ve very indecisive. Often it takes me a day to pick out what I’m reading next.

I love when my friends recommend new music to me, especially since I’m so bad at going to find new music for myself.

Mermaids are real I tell you, I just haven’t found their secret hiding spot.

I wake up way too early most mornings.

Lights will forever be a musical inspiration even though I have no musical talent.

I work best in organized chaos.

I want to roller skate and become an avid Roller Derby fan! Thanks Ellen Page and Whip It!

I’m easily amused and inspired.

I check my e-mail almost obsessively. It’s comforting

Feel free to contact me at: BookBanditBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Reading!

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