About The BookBandit

Obviously, my name isn’t the BookBandit, it’s Nicole. I’m a thirty something Jersey girl (the cast of the Jersey Shore has forever soiled the name of Jersey … in a bad way, please don’t hold that against me ha ha) who, on a whim, decided it would be awesome to start a blog. Now, please understand I’ve tried this several times before, and it never stuck. I always forgot about it, or would post something once every five months, and c’mon let’s be honest that’s not a blog. But I promised myself this time it would be different. How? I had a better defined purpose – books.

Books have always had a special place in my life. I always considered myself a reader, but not an avid one. I read what I liked and what I wanted, and when (in high school) I was forced to read something I ran in the opposite direction. And than someone handed me a copy of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. After reading that book, there was no doubt in what I wanted to do: be a writer.

This blog wasn’t only created out of the sheer love of books and reading. Mostly, it was created for the sheer love of writing. I started this blog with the hopes of two things: 1) to keep whatever writing skills/abilities I have in tact and 2) to be an active blogger. I have to say, in less than a year’s time, those two hopes are a reality.

It’s hard to describe yourself in a small nutshell, but there’s only a few things one needs to know about me. I am a writer first and foremost. Music is a priority in my life – music is where I found myself. I’m a book lover in the truest sense of the word.

This doesn’t sum up who I am or what I do, so I thought I’d give you some quirky tidbits that make me, me:

I have little to no attention span.

I love pickles and cheese.

I strictly read Young Adult books, and if you have a problem with that than it’s your problem not mine.

I think Daria is my twin soul.

My So Called Life forever changed television, and me.

When I was younger my ultimate goal was to own an indie record store. My goals have obviously changed and morphed, but a part of me still would love to own an indie record store.

Billie Joe Armstrong does no wrong in my book.

I love movies just as mush as music and books. Saying I’m a fan of Johnny Depp is understatement of the year. I loved him way back when in 21 Jump Street!

I’m easily frustrated, and have no patience whatsoever.

When I hear the word ‘romance’ attached to a book I’m immediately turned off. And I immediately think of those supermarket romance novels with Fabio prancing half-naked on the cover. 

I don’t think with the side of my brain that’s dedicated to all things math and science.

My favorite author changes on a daily basis. 

I convinced myself that I should read the “classics” but really, I have no desire too.

It’s true I haven’t read Harry Potter. I’m lying. I’ve only read the first book.

Best 80s children’s movie in my opinion The Worst Witch!

I have a weird liking of Marie Antoinette.

I love all things horror related.

I like loud music.

I don’t watch television … much.   I can say I have two fave television shows that I can watch repeatedly: The Big Bang Theory and most recently Modern Family. Other than those I enjoy a good rerun of The Golden Girls. And yes, I miss the Baby-Sitters Club (television show) sorely. 

Speaking of the Baby-Sitters club, my favorite will always be Claudia.

I want to travel a lot – England, Italy, Austria, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and I want to go on Safari.

My idea of “roughing it” is seven girls sharing one bathroom.  I’m Troop Beverly Hills all the way (yes, I was a girl scout, and a part of me wishes I had kept up with it.)

I love nature, I just don’t enjoy being in it, i.e. camping.

I’m allergic to most animals, even birds. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want a dog.

I’ve very indecisive. Often it takes me a day to pick out what I’m reading next.

I love when my friends recommend new music to me, especially since I’m so bad at going to find new music for myself.

Mermaids are real I tell you, I just haven’t found their secret hiding spot.

I wake up way too early most mornings.

Lights will forever be a musical inspiration even though I have no musical talent.

No Doubt is recording a new album, you just don’t know how happy that makes me!

I work best in organized chaos.

I call my car “the roller skate” because it’s small.

I want to roller skate and become an avid Roller Derby fan! Thanks Ellen Page and Whip It!

I’m easily amused and inspired.

I think the Rolling Stones need to give it up, honestly I don’t think anyone could start them up.

I prefer English chocolate opposed to American Chocolate.

I sometimes randomly spit out music lyrics … for no reasons in particular.

I check my e-mail almost obsessively. It’s comforting.

I’m like a little girl, I still look through the mail to see if there’s anything for me in it.

This list could probably go on, but I’ll stop. I think all your burning questions have been answered. And if they haven’t, feel free to contact me at: BookBanditBlog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Reading!

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