Faith Taking Flight


Title: Faith Taking Flight (Faith Herbert Origin Story 1)

Author: Julie Murphy

Format Read: Physical Book, ARC (Release Date:

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Faith Herbert’s life is far from exciting. When she isn’t hanging out with her friends, she’s busy doing one of three things: watching her favorite television show The Grove, writing about The Grove for her fansite, or working at the local veterinary clinic.

The most exciting thing about her life right now – besides the fact that she can fly – is the upcoming fair. While she loves the fair for what it is – the rides and the food – she’s exciting to have the chance to find a forever home for some of her favorite orphaned animals.  

Not only does she manage to find a home for one of her most favorite dogs, but she manages to find him a home with Dakota Ash, who just so happens to be the star of The Grove. And Faith’s celebrity crush.

From the moment Faith meets Dakota she’s immediately taken with her. But surprisingly, Dakota also seems interested too. In her, Faith Herbert. 

But something strange is happening in Faith’s small town. Something that coincidentally started when Dakota came to town. When her and the rest of The Grove crew showed up, many animals and people go missing. 

Faith may be able to fly, but will she possess enough super powers for figure out this mystery?

What Didn’t Work:

Faith Taking Flight was a book that I wanted to read mainly because Julie Murphy wrote it. And truth be told, her books are near perfection for me. And this, her upcoming book, was not surprisingly, near perfection. 

But there was one aspect that I struggled with while reading. Even though, in the end I truly loved this book, I found that there was a lot of build up to the action, and that build up was a bit slow paced. Once things got going though, they were off with a bang. 

What Did Work:

There was a lot that I loved about this book. So much so that I feel like I could easily gush. First and foremost, I loved author Julie Murphy’s writing. While the build up was slower than I would have preferred, the writing itself was strong. More than that, it was descriptive. I had no problem “seeing” the story unfold. Faith Taking Flight is a multilayered story. To say the least there’s a lot going on. But each plotline is thorough, and they all flow seamlessly into on story. Murphy truly is a master of her craft.  

Then there were the characters. I loved them. Each character was well crafted. They were diverse and realistic – had passions and flaws – that made them easy to relate to. And above all else they were strong – the kind of characters that you just know are going to come out on top, even when the tension gets so high it’s hard to see past it. 

Faith seriously is a superhero. Not because she possesses some a really cool super power, but because of her ability to love – love her family and her friends, her favorite television show, the animals she takes care of at her job. She’s the kind of character that readers will easily root for and will easily look up to. 

And still, I loved how different this book felt from Murphy’s other books. I felt it truly showed her range and her talent.


I couldn’t recommend this book enough. If you are a fan of Julie Murphy, it’s a must. If you are a fan of superhero stories, it’s a must. If you just love a really great book, it’s a must.

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