Freebie Friday: You Decide

Freebie Fridays

Hello Readers!

I started a reading journal this year. As much as I love Goodreads, I stink at keeping it up to date. So I thought I’d go back to old fashioned pen and paper to keep track of what I’m reading.

And surprisingly, I’ve been keeping up with it. In it I keep track of the books I’m reading, I jot down thoughts about each book, make note of my favorite quotes, and also keep a log of the self-imposed reading challenges.

But this post is NOT about my reading journal. Instead it’s about one of those reading challenges.

At the beginning of the year I created my own book bingo card in the hopes that it would challenge me to read outside of my comfort zone.  This bingo card is filled with option like:

  • Read a book with a blue cover
  • Finish a series
  • Read a book a friend picks for you to read

When I created this bingo card I was very aware of the options and the limitations I was giving myself. But it’s a challenge right!?

Today, I’m writing this post seeking some help from you dear readers. I would like to complete another book bingo challenge. The challenge I’d like to complete is: let a friend pick a book for me to read.

With that being said, I do have some guidelines. Like I said the purpose of this challenge is to step out of my reading comfort zone, but I don’t necessarily want to be pushed off the edge.

I would love for anyone and everyone to suggest a book for me to read. The only guidelines that I ask you to follow are these: it’s a YA book, it isn’t a high fantasy, and that it isn’t an obscure book (I want to be able to get my hands on it after all).

You may be asking, how are you going to decide what book to actually read? Well, I’m leaving this post here, and hoping people will continue to comment throughout the week. Next Thursday night I will go through the comments, and depending on how many book suggestions I get will pick a few. Next Friday I will have a poll posted, and will ask you all to vote on which book you’d like me to read.

So, dear readers, PLEASE comment with all of your book suggestions. I am open and willing to read any book that is suggested.  I’m already looking forward to my next read!