Reading Tracker – April 2019 Edition

Monthly Reading Tracker

Hello Readers!

I feel stuck, readers. Up until this month I had a loose but general idea of what I wanted to read each month. I had some semblance of a TBR list.

This month, I do not.

Which is why I’m feeling stuck – not reading wise, but this post wise.  But I want to post … something!

This month, the only book I have on deck to read (mainly because I am currently reading it) is :

American Panda by Gloria Chao.

Since that is the only book I have on deck for April, I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind, and not create a TBR list this month. Instead, I’ve decided that there are several kinds of books I want to read. They are:

I want to read a manga. I dipped my toes into the world of manga and anime last year. And while I don’t necessarily feel at home in the fandom, I’m definitely interested. And there are several manga that I’ve wanted to read lately.

I want to read a book that will fulfill one of my 2019 reading challenges.

I want to read a book that is new! So often I’m excited about all these new books coming out, but once they are actually published, I never make the time for them.

And I want to start a new series.

I know this isn’t saying a lot. But even though it isn’t an actual TBR list, I have a general idea of what kinds of books I want to read.

What are you, dear readers, looking forward to reading this month? Please share!