Reading Tracker – January 2019 Edition

Monthly Reading Tracker

Hello Readers!

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like. And there are many reasons for that (more on that in next Friday’s post so stay tuned!). Since I haven’t been reading, getting back into the swing of things has proven to be a challenge.

But the important part is this: I’ve picked up a book (or rather books) and have been actively reading. So, YAY!

Because I am easing myself into the swing of reading actively and steadily, I am setting small (reading) goals for myself. And today, I am sharing those goals with you!

During the month of January, I want to read a total of four (4) books.

  • Two (2) YA Books because, by nature, those are the kinds of books I gravitate towards.
  • One (1) Graphic Novel because I really enjoy them as a whole, and because of that I want to read more obviously.
  • One (1) Audiobook because, not only do I enjoy them, but I feel they’re a great and (relatively) easy way to squeeze reading into a busy schedule.

Specifically though, these are the books I am “planning” on reading. And I say “planning” because we all know things and plans change quickly around here.

  • The two (2) YA books I plan on reading are: Royals by Rachel Hawkins and Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley.
  • The one (1) Graphic Novel that I plan on reading is: Foiled by Jane Yolen
  • The one (1) Audiobook I plan on listening to is: People Like Us by Dana Mele

This is a very manageable number of books to read in one month. So manageable that I think I could surpass this goal because these goals do not include the books I read for work.

At the end of the month I will update, again, on if I met my monthly goals, a total number of books I read, and a list of the books I read (including any work related books).

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