The Girl From the Other Side (Vol. 1-3)

The Girl From The Other Side (Vol. 1, Vol. 2. & Vol. 3) by Nagabe

Vol. 1


Those who live inside the wall are safe from the curse. The curse that turns human beings into hideous beasts. But as of late, it seems that more and more humans are showing signs of infection.


Those who live on the outside – outsiders – have been cursed. Many are already dead, but there are a few who live. They have one thing in common: they long for a pure white soul. All but one: Teacher.

Teacher isn’t like the others infected with the curse. Teacher is nice. Teacher doesn’t act like an animal or a beast. Teacher is the guardian of Shiva, a little girl from the other side who has been abandoned on the outside.

Teacher does his best to make sure that Shiva is cared for and to ensure that she never ever touches him. Touching him can lead to infection. But what he can’t stop is a stranger from touching her.

Vol. 2

Teacher is convinced that since Shiva has been touched by a cursed outsider she too will start to show symptoms. But she feels fine, and she looks fine to. How is it possible that this human girl, who has been touched by an outside, not be cursed?

Needing answers Teacher and Shiva set out to find the other outsider. But what they find is something more disturbing: other outsiders who are here to steal Shiva’s pure soul.

He can’t let that happen, fleeing towards the safety of home, Teacher and Shiva meet another stranger along the way. Only this time, she isn’t a stranger … she’s Shiva’s aunt, the one who abandoned her on the otherside.

Vol. 3

Shiva’s aunt has returned. And with her is the promise that they’ll return home to the Inside safely. Teacher isn’t certain that Shiva’s aunt is being truthful, but what choice does he have? He has to let her go.

But when an Outsider – another beast – is found in Shiva’s village on the inside, it’s up to Teacher to save Shiva.

But is it too late?  Is Shiva in danger of contracting the curse.


A little while ago I discovered the wide world of manga. It’s fair to say that I went on a bit of a binge after reading and loving a few. I checked out a bunch from my local library, and I even bought a few. Some I checked out/bought I loved and some not so much. The Girl From the Other Side by Nagabe was one of those manga that I randomly bought.

I picked up volume one randomly, mainly because I liked the cover. After reading the very brief synopsis it sounded interesting enough to purchase. And I’m so glad I did.

At the core The Girl From the Other Side is a fairy tale. It’s a story set in a faraway land with unimaginable creatures – some good and some bad that roam said land. But what I personally love most is that in many respects this is a story of opposites: good and evil, nature and nurture. It’s the kind of story that I easily love getting sucked into.

Because this series is a manga, it doesn’t rely heavily on the words. While sparse, the text that is present is powerful. Each word is calculated. Each sentence measured. And it’s leading up to something … but at this point (since I’ve only read the first three volumes) I’m not exactly sure what.

But more powerful that the text are the images. They may all be illustrated in black and white, but they are vividly bright and boldly rich with context. This is a story that doesn’t rely on words to tell a mesmerizing story; the images alone tell a story as well.

One of the main reasons why I enjoy The Girl From the Other Side, isn’t only because it’s a dark story, but because it makes me think. But not just think about what’s going on in the plot, but also about how good and evil, nature and nurture function in our very own world.

There is a lot to love about this series. And as you can tell, I’m definitely hooked. I am thoroughly looking forward to the future volumes I will read. If you’re into dark fairy tales, with one innocent character and a dark mysterious beast, than I think you’d like The Girl From the Other Side.

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Monthly Reading Update: May 2018 Edition

Hello Readers!

I know, I know … it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated y’all on my previous months reading.

Guess what? I’m back and I’m ready to update you, dear readers!

April was a busy reading month for me. I was trying my hardest to finally finish the Harry Potter series. And I am glad to report that I did! After spending easily three months reading nothing but Harry Potter (yes, this was my first time reading the series) I was a little lost as to what to pick up and read next. Admittedly, it still feels like a challenge, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re reading a series for that long span of time. But no regrets! It was worth every minute spent reading!

Anyway …

In April I read a total of seven books. The books I read were:

  1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
  2. Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia
  3. Big Foot and Little Foot by Ellen Potter
  4. Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi
  5. The Girl From the Other Side Vol. 1 by Nagabe
  6. The Girl From the Other Size Vol. 2 by Nagabe
  7. The Girl From the Other Size Vol. 3 by Nagabe

I’ll be honest with you dear readers, I’m pretty impressed with myself. I don’t mean to brag but I rarely read that much in a months time. On average I read a solid three books a month. What was different this month? Honestly, I rediscovered my love of audiobooks.

While I was working my way through the Harry Potter series I discovered the art of reading the physical book while I was at home (or work, or any place where I was stationary) and I listened to the audio version while I was on the go (in the car, walking, etc). I found that I really loved bouncing back and forth between each format. Because of that, I want to continue on in that tradition.

Now that April has come to a close, and we are welcoming in May it’s time for a new TBR list. Honestly, this list is a tentative list. I make no promises that I will stick to it or stray away from it.  But it’s a list, and I’m hopeful that I could easily read these books in one month.

May TBR List:

  1. Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy
  2. Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles
  3. The Wicked Deep by Shea
  4. Warcross by Marie Lu
  5. Haunting the Deep by Adriana Mather Ernshaw

Besides these five books listed above I am also hoping to squeeze in a graphic novel or two, plus several picture books. I am confident that I could read these books and complete my May reading goal!

What books are on your May TBR list, dear readers! I’d love to know. Please share in the comments!

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