Freebie Friday: December Stars Hollow Monthly Subscription Box Review

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By now you all know that a) I’m an insanely HUGE Gilmore Girls fan and b) I subscribe to a monthly box called Stars Hollow Monthly put out by Lit Cube.

I love getting mail. That is half the reason why I love this subscription box. The other reason is because it’s all Gilmore Girls themed.

When the box arrives, I can’t wait to tear into it.

And this past December, I was super excited, because I assumed there would be some special, Christmas-y items.

This is what I found inside of the December Stars Hollow Subscription Box.

A set of four Christmas Ornaments
A pair of socks with little cups of coffee all over them.
A reusable travel mug that says “Everything Magical When It Snows.”
A tin of Cisse Cocoa Company Semisweet Hot Cocoa mix
A box of peppermint Marshmallows
A magnet with a purple scarf that says “I Smell Snow”
An “oi with the poodles” car air freshener

The first thing I noticed about this box, was the actual box. Previously all the goodies were contained in Stars Hollow themed decorative boxes. Some had umbrellas, some had tiny coffee cups, one even had food in honor of Sookie St. James. But this time around it was a plain, brown cardboard box. Honestly, I was disappointed.

Lit Cube’s Stars Hollow Monthly – which I pay for out of my own pocket – isn’t exactly cheap. It’s roughly $30.00 plus dollars. While I fully get that that money goes to the goodies inside of the box, I do kind of expect for that price should cover the packing supplies.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the December box was a set of four Gilmore Girls themed Christmas ornaments. There was a purple one that has the Dragonfly Inn logo. One that was silver and said Al’s Pancake World. A gold ornament with the Doose’s Market logo. And lastly, a Christmas red ornament with a Luke’s Diner logo.

Honestly, before I took them out of the plastic packaging, I absolutely LOVED them. I thought they would be a really fun edition to the Christmas tree. But after taking them out of the packaging, I felt that they weren’t the best quality. The silver “Al’s Pancake World” wasn’t only scuffed, but the top bit which holds the string (to hang the ornament) in place was slightly broken. It doesn’t sit on the ornament correctly. I’m not sure if it was because it was cheaply made (I feel really bad saying that but that’s the truth of it) or if the packaging was lacking.

Moving on, I found a pair of socks made by the brand Evenbright. The socks are super cute, and feature pictures of coffee cups and coffee beans all over them. Perfect for any Gilmore Girls fan. The socks, which they aren’t heavy, are a solid pair of socks. They aren’t flimsy, and they do not feel scratchy. I am looking forward to wearing them in the future.

Each and every month each Stars Hollow Monthly box features a magnet and a car air freshener. I have never used the air fresheners, because I don’t necessarily love those kinds of fresheners – I find them to not last very wrong. But the magnets I absolutely LOVE. And I am sure that my parents love them too! I loved the soft baby blue color of this one, and how it perfectly captures, not only Lorelai, but winter as a season.

The next two items I found go hand in hand. The first was a shiny blue, reusable to go cup that says “Everything’s Magical When it Snows.” While I only half heartedly agree with the saying (I, unlike the Gilmore Girls am not a fan of snow), I like the cup just fine. It seems to be a sturdy plastic. But with that said, I have found that they give a LOT of cups/mugs in this subscription box. I mean, I get it, both Lorelei and Rory drink a lot of coffee, but it’s getting a little excessive.

In the past I have received:

A Doose’s Market mug
A Ceramic Luke’s Diner (reusable) to go cup
A metal travel cup that says “I Drink Coffee like a Gilmore Girl”
Two stemless wine glasses with fun Gilmore Girl quotes
A mason jar “Luke’s Diner” cup

That’s a lot of drink ware for an already cramped kitchen cabinets.

Honestly … it’s a bit munch and I’m kind of over it. Even though I will undoubtedly put this to good use.

Accompanying the mug was a tin of Semisweet Hot Cocoa by the brand Cisse Cocoa Company. It’s a brand I have heard of, nor one I have tried before. I thought it was a nice touch to the box, and I don’t want to say too much because I have a whole review already written and schedule to post next week about it. But in short: I liked it. And stay tuned to a full review to find out why I liked this product.

Finally, what is hot cocoa without marshmallows. But not just any marshmallows, but Wondermade Peppermint flavored marshmallows. I haven’t tried these, and I probably won’t. I don’t necessarily love peppermint, and I don’t necessarily love marshmallows. The fact that these two things have been combined, does not make me want to try them any more than I would want to try any flavored marshmallow. But I can honestly say, the packaging was nice.

Overall, I think this box contained more items in it than in previous boxes. Which was a nice surprise, because again, it’s not a cheap subscription box. But I also found that the items weren’t all of the best quality.

Each month I think the next will be great. But the more boxes I receive the more they seem to be missing the mark. But I’m still very much on the fence as to whether or not I’m going to keep subscribing. I’d love for you to weigh in readers! Please comment below! Tell me what I should do? Or at least what you would do if you were in my shoes.