Freebie Friday: If You Liked This …. Read This

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Hello Readers!

Have you ever read a book, loved each and every moment of reading it, and when it was over wished that there was another book just like it?

I have.

Today, I’m going to be posting about two books (these are two that  I just happen to have read both), and will talk about if you read one, why you may want to consider reading the second one.

It was hard for me to figure out what book(s) I wanted to feature in this post … and than I thought about one of my fave books.


If  you have read (and loved!) Anna and the French Kiss by author Stephanie Perkins than I think you should read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by author Morgan Matson.

Why do I Think You Should Read Amy & Rogers Epic Detour if you loved Anna and the French Kiss? Well, because they are both very similar.

First of all they are both young adult, romance novels. And more than that they are super smart. I’ve read both, and I honestly feel that they aren’t typical.  I do not necessarily love straight up romance novels. I love a good story with elements of romance, but straight up romance … I pass. You’re asking yourself why? Well because I have strong feelings on romance novels.

And before I tell you these strong feelings, I just want to preface them with saying that my feelings are stereo-typical and judgemental … I know and recognize that.

In the past I’ve read a few romance novels, and no matter how much I have loved them I find that they were basically a warm and fluffy book that lacks in plot. I have found that the leading ladies in these novels are often cast as damsel in distress who fall head over heels in love with some dude who is kind of a jerk. And more than anything I always feel that plot and setting take a backseat to steamy kissing scenes.

Anna (from Anna and the French Kiss obviously) is smart. She’s fiercely independent. And she doesn’t fall head over heels with some dude just because he’s either there, or because he can take care of her. Anna does fall in love, but Etienne is her equal.

Like Anna, Amy is also a smart character. She isn’t seeking love.  And she certainly does not need anyone taking care of her. The only real thing she needs is a ride! And then there’s Roger, who is just doing a favor — not looking for love. Like Etienne he is also smart, equal to Amy.

Besides this, I like how they both have their own things – thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Another reason you should read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour if you’ve read and loved Anna and the French Kiss is because of the setting. Both books are set against a backdrop that will fill you with wanderlust.

Perkins novel is set in Paris, France.  Meanwhile, Amy & Roger’s  Epic Detour is a tour of the United States (yes, it’s a road trip book). Through each respective setting, readers will be taken on an adventure without even leaving the comforts and confines of their own house.

As a reader, I read to escape reality.  Both of these novels will transport readers to a different time and place, and will make a great escapist read.

And lastly, quite possibly the most important aspect of any romance novel — the guys.   Both Etienne and Roger are definitely swoon-worthy characters. They are the kinds of guys that girls dream about. But more than that, they are the kind of guys that are just genuinely good guys – they are smart, strong, and supportive of their awesome female counterparts. More than that, like Anna and Amy they are completely independent as well.

Seriously, I could go on and on about these two books.  And I can’t seem to say it enough … but if you read and loved Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins than I think you should read (and ultimately love) Morgan Matson’s Amy & Rogers Epic Detour!