Freebie Friday: November Stars Hollow Monthly Box Review

Hello Readers!

As you know I’m a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. So much so that I subscribe to Lit-Cube’s Stars Hollow Monthly, a Gilmore Girls themed subscription box.

Each and every month I receive a box full of Gilmore Girls themed goodies, admittedly some better and/or more useful than others.

And like clockwork November’s box arrived on my doorstop, and like normal I couldn’t wait to tear into it.

This month’s theme was all based on one of my most fave characters: Sookie. Now, let me preface this review by saying this: I fully expected it to have some sort of cooking related item in the box. What I didn’t expect was a box full of cooking related items.

Let me also say this: I am not a cook. I don’t cook nor do I necessarily enjoy it. With that, I’m sad to say that this particular Stars Hollow Monthly box most definitely missed the mark for me.

So what was in this box??

When I first opened it the first thing I pulled out was a bandana printed stretch headband. It was super cute, and normally I would be all over an item like this, but because of the kind of headband it was (the kind where the wearer would have to slide it over and up their head) I knew it wouldn’t work. Headbands like that just do not stay on my head. They tend to shift, and eventually slide off my head completely. Realizing this, I promptly gave the very cute headband to my cousin who would get more use out of it.

To be honest, this was the only item that a) I really liked and b)if it were a different style would have used.

The next two items were a brightly colored/patterned pot holder and oven mitt. The pattern on both of these items were varied vegetables and quotes. Both of these items are definitely usable, but honestly I don’t necessarily love the colors and the pattern. It’s very loud. For that reason, I wouldn’t use them. Which I realize is a really silly reason not to use a perfectly usable pot holder and oven mitt. But that’s my reason nonetheless.

The last item I found was a wood cutting board  with the Dragonfly Inn’s logo carved at the bottom right corner. The cutting board, while not large, is a decent size and seems like it’s a solid/sturdy cutting board. And that’s exactly what you want out of a cutting board. Besides that it’s a nice medium stained wood.

While I like the cutting board just fine, again it’s not an item I would use.

I think the box as a whole was fine, but fine for a person who would get use out of them. For me, I feel like it was just wasted money. Honestly, I didn’t like this box. So much so it’s made me consider cancelling my subscription. And I know I shouldn’t let one bad box spoil the bunch, but these boxes aren’t cheap, and the past few months the boxes haven’t been great. There have been one or two items (at most) in each box that I’ve liked, and would use. But the majority of the boxes the items I found inside weren’t what I expected, and didn’t seem up to par with past boxes.

As of now, I’m thinking that I’ll give Stars Hollow Monthly one more month. Fingers crossed for a good, useful box!

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