Middle Grade Monday: The Bad Guys: Episode 1

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The Bad Guys: Episode 1 by Aaron Blabey

The Big Bad Wolf is sick … sick and tired of being big and bad. He doesn’t know how he or his fellow bad guys got this reputation, but he does know that he needs a plan.

Aha! He’s got it! He’s going to recruit some of his closest, baddest friends – snake, piranha, and shark and he’s going to start a gang. A good guys gang that is.

Together they will cruise town in a really cool car looking for trouble. And when trouble is found they will swoop in, save the day, and go down in history as the world’s greatest heroes.

There’s just one problem … no one will ever take these bad guys seriously? Or will they?

The Bad Guys, written by author Aaron Blabey, is a middle grade comedy that, even though is light on the plot, is heavy on the laughs.

Blabey’s writing is simple yet engaging. And what makes it so is that he doesn’t necessarily rely on words. And for young readers who are just diving into the great wide world of chapter books, that’s a great thing. Instead, he relies of comedic illustrations. These black and white illustrations are outstanding. They are full of life and emotion. They add an extra level of funny to this already funny book.

Beyond the illustrations, as a reader, I personally enjoyed the characters as a whole. Each character has a personality of their own – wolf is over enthusiastic and is a real hugger, snake is anxious to eat anything and everything, ferocious piranha has gas when he’s nervous, and shark … well he’s just a shark. Because the bad guys are so varied, young readers will easily find their favorite.

The Bad Guys: Episode 1 is just the first in a projected series. While this wasn’t my favorite middle grade read, I feel that this is a great book for young readers. They will love the superhero story that is at this books core, they will laugh – loudly – at the comedic elements, and they will look forward to each new episode.

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