Night Owls


Night Owls by Jen Bennett

Beatrix doesn’t have time. She doesn’t have time to hang out, she doesn’t have time to be an average teenager, and she especially doesn’t have time to fall in love.

The only thing she has time for is focusing on her goal: becoming a medical illustrator. Day in and day out she sketches, she draws, she hopes and prays that her request to study cadaver’s at the local university is approved, and she ensures that she is one step closer to winning that much-needed scholarship.

But while she is waiting for the night owl, the local bus home, she meets Jack – a mysterious stranger who soon turns Beatrix’s world upside down.

Through Jack Beatrix learns that art comes in many forms. She learns about life and love, subjects she thought she already knew so much about. But above all use, she learns all of Jack’s secrets – secrets that if exposed could put both Jack and herself in a lot of trouble.

Beatrix is head over heels falling for Jack, but is love worth the risk? Is he really worth putting her whole future on the line for?

Night Owls by Jen Bennett is a contemporary young adult novel, set against the vivid backdrop of San Francisco. Bennett has filled this novel with a whole lot of life, a whole lot of adventure, and most of all a whole lot of heart.

I really enjoyed the writing that filled this book. I found it extremely smart, descriptive, and utterly engaging. More than that, it’s inviting. Bennett doesn’t tell a story, she makes the readers feel as if they are a part of it. Reader’s will see the action, will feel all the emotions, and will connect with characters on different levels.

More than Bennett’s writing, I loved her cast of characters. Smart with main character Beatrix. Beatrix is vastly unique and interesting. She’s strong, and she’s full of qualities that set her apart from the many female leads in most young adult stories.

Then there’s Jack. He’s smooth and charming, but not overly so. Readers will recognize his flaws and faults, and will easily fall just as in love with him as Beatrix does. He’s smart, and I personally found him to be Beatrix’s equal in almost every sense. Through Jack readers will see that life is often difficult, and often messy. But it’s also beautiful, and full of adventures just waiting to be taken.

If these two characters aren’t enough to convince you to read this book, there is Beatrix’s family – her older brother and her hard-working mother. Even though they often didn’t see eye to eye, and they often bickered, they love and support each other one hundred percent. They family dynamic is rich and realistic.

Night Owls is a great book, and a quick read. I feel like there is a lot to offer to different readers. But even so, there is one aspect of this book, even though I expected, I didn’t necessarily love. And that is the insta-love aspect. From the moment Beatrix and Jack lay eyes on each other, as a reader, I just knew they were going to instantly fall in love. This is the one aspect I would say is unrealistic. But, admittedly, these moments of Insta-love, though cheesy were sweet.

I really enjoyed Night Owls, and after reading feel that it’s a book that a lot of readers will also appreciate as much as I did. It’s smart. It’s fun. And above all, it has a lot to offer.

(the cover image is from GoodReads)

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