Freebie Friday: Lore: A Podcast Review

Hello Readers!

You don’t know this about me, but I recently (as in the last year or so) started listening to some podcasts.  Some I’ve listened to I’ve liked and have continued to read. Others I simply didn’t like for one reason or another and have stopped listening to them.

But there’s one particular podcast I’ve listened to solidly. And I have to thank my best friend for the recommendation.  She suggested that I listen to this podcast named Lore. Because we are so close, and because she knows me so well, I trust her completely.  And wouldn’t you know: she was right. After a single episode I was hooked!

Lore is created, written, hosted, and produced by a gentleman named Aaron Mahnke. This podcast features tales of real life ghost stories and creepy folklore from all over the world. It basically tells and discusses all those things that go bump in the night.

Now, I’m no expert on podcasts. I know next to nothing about what really goes into the recording and the producing of a podcast. But what I do know is this: Lore is very well produced! And the sound quality is near perfect.

Another aspect of what makes Lore such a great podcase is host Aaron Mahnke. He is a storyteller. He knows exactly how to keep readers engaged and entertained. Besides that, through his tales he makes listeners think and question.

As a listener I’ve learned a lot from this podcast.  All of the stories that Mahnke tells is one hundred percent fact. Even the ones that seem to strange to be true. Believe me, I’ve Googled and have researched some of the topics of Lore podcast. And all I found was scary fact after fact.

For example, before Lore I had no clue about the Hungarian noblewoman who had more in common with Dracula than any human should. (In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, do yourself a favor and look up Elizabeth Bathory). I also had no clue about that the huldufolk (ask Icelandic hidden people) even existed.  And now that I know about them both, I’m interested in learning more about the lore, about the reality, and about their places in our culture.

I feel like I could go on and on about Lore. I won’t. I’ll just say that you should check it out. And when you love it as much as I do, we should totally talk about it!

For more information about Lore Podcast check Lore out online!