Wherever Nina Lies


Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten

When Ellie’s older sister Nina left two years ago, she took more than just a bag of clothes. She took a piece of Ellie’s heart with her. And ever since then, Ellie hasn’t given up hope that she’ll find Nina.

When stumbles upon a drawing that looks like one of Nina’s, she’s sure this is a sign. Nina is out there, just waiting to be found. Ellie isn’t sure how she’s going to find it, but she’s certain there’s another clue out there waiting for her.

So when she meets Sean, a charming stranger who says he understands – not only Ellie but also her feelings – she wastes no time. Together they set off on a last minute, whirlwind road trip in search of, not only the next clue, but for Nina herself.

Sean seems too good to be true.  The more time the more Ellie starts to suspect that maybe he’s hiding something. Will she figure his secrets out, or will figuring out his secrets cost Ellie her and her sister’s lives.

Wherever Nina Lies, is a suspenseful mystery, that is written by author Lynn Weingarten.

Weingarten is a master of her craft. Wherever Nina Lies is a well written mystery that will keep readers, not only entertained and engaged, but will also keep them guessing. With each twist and turn the suspense builds and builds. Readers will be kept gripping the edge of their seats as they try to crack this almost uncrackable mystery.

In my opinion, Wherever Nina Lies is a character driven book. And while all of the characters are vividly crafted, they aren’t always likable, nor are they reliable. Take Nina, while she isn’t present in the book (or is she?!) you get the sense that she’s a bit flakey, and that maybe she doesn’t want to be found.

Then there’s Ellie, who upon first meeting seems to be a smart, well adjusted teen who’s been through a really tough situation. But when she willingly gets into a car and travels with a complete strange you’ll start to question just how smart she is.  And then there’s Ellie’s traveling companion, Sean. He’s a serious charmer that will easily work his way into reader’s minds, just as he’s worked his way into Ellie’s life. He is so charming, that it’s actually a flaw. Reader’s won’t necessarily believe in his motives.

And while these don’t seem like the characteristics that make up a cast of great characters, they truly are. The unreliable cast of characters only lends to the overall mystery.  And in all honesty, even though I didn’t necessarily trust Ellie and Sean, or even Nina for that matter, I really liked them. And I felt for them as well.

Wherever Nina Lies is a book that has been living on my Kindle shelf for quite some time. I’m so happy that I finally got around to reading it because I really enjoyed it. I feel like I experienced every emotion, and that there was a little bit of something for almost every reader. If you’re looking for suspense filled mystery about a missing person, Wherever Nina Lies is the book for you!