Around the Web (#3)

Around the Web

Hello Readers!

We all know Sarah Dessen is like the queen of YA, right?  Well, this article talks about how the queen of YA’s books have aged with her. I personally really liked this article, not just because I think Sarah Dessen is awesome (and super sweet), but because it shows that YA books aren’t just for teens!

I don’t know why I browse Buzzfeed so often, I just do. And while aimlessly browsing I came across this article that may be of interest for any Cassie Clare fans.

Last week my coworker (excitedly) told me all about this. While I didn’t have a chance to look it up there and then, I went home and promptly Googled about the NYC Subway Library.

I love to travel. That’s no secret. But I realized that even though I love to, I realized that I do not read any travel blogs. And that made me sad. So I took to Twitter, and Jamie from Perpetual Page Turner hooked me up with an AWESOME post she wrote about exactly that … Travel blogs! Thanks Jamie!!

Speaking of traveling, I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. While I have no plans to travel there (anytime soon) I found this article featuring some pictures that I really liked and thought would be fun to share.