Freebie Friday: Stars Hollow Monthly Review

Freebie Fridays

(Pictures take by me, collage created via PicMonkey)

Hello Readers!

And happy Friday! Today, I’m going to be reviewing a Stars Hollow Monthly box.

Received: April 2017

Items Received:

  • In Omnia Paratus T-shirt
  • In Omnia Paratus Passport Holder
  • In Omnia Paratus (image from the Netflix reboot) Magnet
  • You Jump, I Jump, Jack Umbrella

Truth be told: You Jump, I Jump, Jack (season five, episode seven) is my absolute fave episode of the Gilmore Girls. So obvs, I LOVED April’s Stars Hollow Monthly box. But before I jump into my review, let me give you the scoop on Stars Hollow Monthly subscription box.

Hosted by Lit ube, the Stars Hollow Monthly is a Gilmore Girls themed subscription box. For just about $30.00 a month, subscribers received a box full of Gilmore Girls themed goodies. In the past there’s been everything from coffee to coffee flavored candy.

I’ve been a subscriber to Lit Cube’s Stars Hollow Monthly for over six months now, and while I find it a bit pricey I really do love this box.

April 2017’s box has been quite possibly my all time favorite box. Why? Because it was filled with all In Omnia Paratus things. The first item I noticed was a blue colored t-shirt that had an image of an umbrella with the words “In Omnia Paratus, Ready for Anything written just below it. It’s a unisex Gilden t-shirt, and it’s super soft.  I love t-shirts, especially ones with fun sayings/pictures, so this will get a lot of use.

Digging deeper into the box, I discovered an item that isn’t only fun, but an item I’ve been wanting for a while now … a passport holder.  Honestly, I’m not sure if its real leather or not, but that doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a deep plum color with In Omnia Paratus written in the bottom right hand side in silver. Since I love to travel, and have an upcoming trip later this year, I’ll definitely be putting this to good use.

Within this box was also an In Omnia Paratus magnet. The image on it is not from the original series, but instead the Netflix reboot. While I loved to Life and Death Brigade reunion that took place in the reboot, I didn’t necessarily get the music/dance montage. But still, I think the magnet is fun, and I really love the colors.

And finally, the last item that was in April’s Stars Hollow Monthly box was another useful item … an item that I tend to somehow lose all of the time.  An umbrella that readers “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” and below that “Honorary member of the Life & Death Brigade” . It’s an all black umbrella with white writing. I haven’t used this umbrella yet, as I’m too afraid that I’ll lose or leave it somewhere.

All of the items in the April 2017 Stars Hollow Monthly box I found to be of good quality, and all useful. And like I said, it’s by far my fave box I have received.

If you are interested in signing up for this subscription box, check out LitCube’s website for all the information!

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