I Am Princess X


I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Once upon a time May and Libby were best friends. They spent almost every moment together drinking hot chocolate at their favorite cafe and creating Princess X – a story that Libby illustrated while May wrote.

But that was before. Before Libby and her mom died. It’s been three years since Libby’s death, three years since May has had a real friend. 

But that was before. Before Libby and her mom died. It’s been three years since Libby’s death, three years since May has had a real friend. 

Can it be? Is it possible?  Can Libby still be alive, and waiting for May to piece together the mystery of her supposed death? She has to, because if she doesn’t it will be her and Libby’s lives on the line! 

I Am Princess X, written by Cherie Priest, is a spirited mystery that will leave readers mouths agape and their minds reeling!

Priest’s writing is strong. Her story is full of unforeseen twists and turns that will capture readers from the very first page. Full with vivid descriptions readers will easily see the story unfold. 

What I loved most about I Am Princess X was main character May. She was quit possibly the strongest leading lady I‘ve met in a long time. She’s smart, feisty, and courageous in the face of danger. Above all else, she has a whole lot of heart. 

Besides May, who I would totally want to be bff’s with, I Am Princess X is filled with memorable characters that readers will love. There’s Patrick (aka Trick – I personally did NOT like that nickname) who is May’s equal in a lot of respects.

There’s May’s dad, who even though he doesn’t play the biggest role in the plot, but he reads as a genuine character who truly not only cares, but trusts May even if she doesn’t necessarily see it. 

And then there’s Libby. Her larger than life presence fleshed out this barely there character. Through May readers see that Libby is unique, strong and determined, and like May filled with a lot of heart. 

I Am Princess X has many refreshing qualities that make it a stand out book. One of those qualities is that there is no romance. There are no love interests. There are no love triangles. Instead it honestly portrays male/female friendships.

And still, another refreshing quality are the I Am Princess X comics that have been woven into the plot. Illustrated by Kali Ciesemier, these vivid purple and white comics, add a layer of depth into this book.

I truly enjoyed Priest’s first YA book.  But I didn’t necessarily love it. And the reason for that was the fact that the pacing felt off to me. At times it was fast paced and all-absorbing, other times it felt slow. As a reader that took me in and out of the plot. And bumped it from a five-star to a four star rating.

I‘m glad I (finally) picked up I Am Princess X. And you will be too if and when you decide to read it! 

(Cover Image from GoodReads)