Welcome Back!


Hello Readers!

And welcome back to The BookBandit Blog! It’s so nice to see you again! Today is June 5th, which means that The BookBandit Blog is official re-launched.

What does that mean? As promised, this past month I’ve been working busily to create exciting new features and content for all of you, my dear readers. Today, I want to take a moment to explain all the new and exciting things you are going to see on The BookBandit Blog.

#MiddleGradeMondays is a (new) weekly feature that will allow me to share my new-found love of middle grade literature. Each week I will feature middle grade books in some way – either a review, an author interview, a themed booklists, etc.. If that sound bland and boring to you, I promise it’s not! My hopes for #MiddleGradeMondays is that it will be an interactive feature, not just on the blog (by commenting) but also on Twitter. Each Monday when I will share my #MiddleGradeMondaya post, I encourage you readers to join in on the fun use this hashtag “#MiddleGradeMondays” to tell me your fave middle grade book, what middle grade books mean to you, or even ideas of what you want to see. And of course you can feel free to Tweet me @Book_Bandit.

Top Ten Tuesday will be back and (obviously) will monopolize all Tuesday posts!

Around the Web Wednesday is a weekly feature where I get the chance to share with you some of the articles, quizzes, blog posts I’ve read and found interesting. Not all of these articles will be book centered, but a lot will. I also encourage you to share, via commenting, what articles you’ve read and what articles you think I would want to read.

Thursday is reserved for reviews. All of the reviews will be for the YA books I’ve read. Not much has changed here.

Freebie Friday is a new feature that will allow me to talk about … anything. Through this new feature I will be sharing booklists, personal tidbits including some creative writing, random bookish-ramblings, and just about anything else that I want.

I cannot promise that there will be content each and every Saturday, but I am reserving Saturdays for author interviews, Stacking the Shelves posts, special features, and giveaways.

I’ve worked hard this past month, and I’m proud of the (planned) posts I have in store for all you. Blogging feels fresh and fun once again.  It’s not a chore, but a welcomed outlet. Talking that break was much-needed. I feel recharged and am happy to finally be re-launched!

(All the images in this post were created by me via Canva.)