Rise of the Balloon Goons

Rise of the Balloon Goons (Notebook of Doom #1) by Troy Cummings


Alexander Bopp is a scared-y cat. He’s scared of practically everything. But there’s nothing as scary as living in a new, unfamiliar town, starting a new school, and the prospect of making new friends.

Of at least he thinks there’s nothing scarier. 

When he and his dad go out in search of a place to eat breakfast, Alexander notices something very strange about his new town. In front of every store , on every street corner there are these strange dancing balloon guys, or balloon goons are Alexander calls them.  

What’s even stranger than the fact that these balloon guys are everywhere, is the fact that they seem to be able to move on their own. 

And Alexander swears that they’re following, just waiting to attack him. He needs to figure out how to defeat or rather deflate the balloon goons before they make his life a living nightmare. 

Rise of the Balloon Goons, written by Troy Cummings, is the first book in the Notebook of Doom series. 

Cummings’s writing is simple yet engaging. He doesn’t rely on over telling this short story. However, through quick chapters and an action packed plot line, readers will be hooked.

Alexander is a character that I really liked. I felt that young readers will easily relate to. Besides that, through Alexander, they’ll see that it’s okay to be afraid. And that everyone – no matter their age – is afraid of something. 

Rise of the Balloon Goons was a super quick read. Because of short chapters and a fast-moving plot, kids will gobble this book up. And will be eager for more! 

(Cover Image from GoodReads)