I Try, Really I Do


As you already know, I am an avid reader. Because of that coupled with the fact that I run a book blog, you’d think I’d review every single book I read. As much as I would love to, I just can’t. 
Today, I want to give an explanation for that. 
Yes, when I first started blogging many moons ago I really did review everything I read. And it was great. But as time passed and life changed I started to find it difficult to review everything. 
Well, there are many instances where I’ve read a book and have absolutely loved it! So much so that I could give proper credit. I would gush so much, that my review was was basically me fangirling. And not that that’s a bad thing, but when I gush I feel like I don’t give any solid reasons why I feels others should read/enjoy the book. 
There are other times that I’ve read and loved a book and have quickly written up a review. But because of my perfectionism, that review which doesn’t seem finished or polished to me and because of that, it gets scrapped, and will never be posted. Simply put, I sometimes feel that my words will not do this book justice. 
And still, there are times I read a book, and I have to process it. Sometimes it takes me a really long time to process it, so long the review doesn’t get written mainly because I feel my review won’t be relevant.
I know these sound like excuses, but they are all truth. Writing reviews isn’t necessarily easy for me, I don’t think they are easy for any blogger, but I try, really I do.

One thought on “I Try, Really I Do

  1. It’s better to write reviews when you feel like writing them instead of forcing yourself to review every book. Quality over quantity and all that, right? 😀

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