Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magical Creatures


Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magical Creatures by Jackson Pearce and Maggie Stefvater


Pip Bartlette has a secret! She can talk to animals. And not just any kind of animals, magical ones! 

Too bad no one believes her.

They also don’t believe that she wasn’t responsible for the unicorn uprising that day at school. Wanting to put distance between her and the incident, Pip’s parents decide to send her to her aunts house for the summer. There she’ll get to think about what she did. 

Think, and get to help out at Aunt Emma’s magical creature clinic. Pip’s over the moon excited about the prospect of learning about and talking to new magical creature. But when fuzzles, tiny balls of fur that spontaneously burst into flames, overtake Cloverton, Pip hopes that, while she’s trying to help, she doesn’t somehow get blamed for this disaster. 

Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magical Vreatures, written by authors Jackson Pearce and Maggie Stirfvater is the first book in a fantastical series.

Sometimes, as a reader, I don’t necessarily love coauthored books. Often, they feel disjointed. But this was not the case for this book. The writing is strong, engaging, and above all whimsically fun!

Pip is a great character. Come to think of it …all of the characters in Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magic Creatures are great! Pip is the true heart and soul of this book. Full of spunk, Pip is an honestly lovable character who is always up for an adventure. And even though she makes mistakes – a lot of them! – readers will easily root for her. 

Besides Pip, I personally loved Tomas. He was Pip’s opposite in every sense of the word.  But even so, he’s sweet, lovable, and even though he’s scared (and allergic) to most everything he’s always there for Pip. 

I’m not much of a fantasy reader by nature. And Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magical Creatures is most definitely a fantasy. But I loved it! Every moment of it – it kept me at the edge of my seat (will they figure out how to save Cloverton from the fuzzles), it kept me wondering (about all the magical creatures I would meet), and it kept me laughing (Pip’s got a great sense of humor). 

In short Pip Bartlette’s Guide to Magical Creatures is a whimsical read that would take readers on a magical adventure. Read it, you won’t be disappointed. 

(Cover image from GoodReads)

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