Miss Laney is Zany


Miss Laney Is Zany (My Weird School Daze #8) by Dan Gutman


A.J. does not like school. In fact, he downright hates it. The only thing school is good for is hanging out with his friends.

So when Mr. Klutz, the principal of Ella Mentry School, calls and assembly to announce that, due to the budget, or lack thereof, their beloved school will be closing … forever. If Ella Mentry School closes forever it means that A.J. will NEVER have to go to school again! Best. Day. Ever!

That is, until Mr. Klutz explains that the students will still have to go to school – a different school with different kids. This is quite possibly the most terrible thing A.J. has heard in his entire life! A.J. may not like school, but he likes his friends and doesn’t want to make new ones.

So he sets out to do the unthinkable: save Ella Mentry School. But he can’t do it alone, raising one million dollars is nearly impossible. But with the help of his zany language teacher  – Miss Laney – whose office is in the girl’s bathroom, maybe they can find someway come up with the money needed.

Miss Laney Is Zany, written by author Dan Gutman, is part of the hilarious book series My Weird School Daze. 

Gutman’s writing that fills this book is good. More that that, it reads as if an elementary school student wrote it, inviting young readers in. Besides the writing, the illustrations dispersed among the pages, not only provide the perfect visual aid, but they engage the readers. 

The students of Ella Mentry School are simply great. They’re honest, funny, and have personalities all their own. This fact makes it easy for readers to see a little of themselves within these varied characters. Beyond that, they have real heart! 

What makes this book so great is two facts. One, it’s funny. Readers of all ages will appreciate the humor that this book oozes. And two, it’s a story that readers will root for, and read with fingers crossed that Ella Mentry School is saved! 

(Cover image from GoodReads)

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