Squish: Super Amoeba


Squish: Super Amoeba by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm


Squish is like any other amoeba. He likes to eat tacos and hanging out with his friends Pod and Peggy. And when he isn’t eating tacos and hanging out with his friends, he has his head stuck in the pages of his favorite comic book, Super Amoeba.

Through Super Amoeba, Squish hopes that one day he can be like his favorite superhero – brave and courageous. But Squish is only a small amoeba, and he doesn’t believe that he could actually be a superhero. But when the big, bad bully Lynwood threatens to eat his friend Peggy, Squish needs to do something?

But what? Will little amoeba Squish be able to put aside his fear and save Peggy?

Squish: Super Amoeba is an action-packed graphic novel that is written and illustrated by Jennifer L and Matthew Holm.

The writing that fills the pages of this graphic novel is simple yet strong. It will excited and engage readers of all ages. And while the flashy images easily draw readers into this story, don’t let them fool you – both stand independently and both tell a great story.

The illustrations are drawn to perfection in shades of black, white, green, and yellow. The colors are eye-catching, making these already great illustrations stand out.

I loved Squish as a character. I love that he is easy to relate to. So much so that young readers will easily see themselves hidden within this big-hearted amoeba. Squish is smart, he’s thoughtful, and has the makings of a superhero. Through him, readers who pick up this book will learn what the word courageous truly means.

As an adult I wish books like this existed when I was a kid. Not just because it was a great read, but because it was seriously laugh out loud funny. Besides that, it’s full of cool science facts that will both amaze and gross out many a reader.

There’s a lot to love about Squish. This is only his first adventure, and I personally am so happy that there is a whole series to read and to love.

(Cover image from GoodReads)