Baby It’s Cold Outside: Read-A-Thon Challenge Teaser Tidbits & The Page 99 Test



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Hello Readers!

Happy Sunday! And welcome to day two of the Baby It’s Cold Outside: Read-A-Thon Challenge (which if you didn’t know is being hosted by the lovely ladies over at Read.Sleep.Repeat). Today’s challenges are interesting, and ones that – be shocked – I haven’t heard of before.

So, if you’re like me, let me explain….

Teaser Tidbits means that I am two pick up the current read and choose two random lines to tease all of your readers! The point is to entice you to pick up the same book and read it, not spoil it for you!

The Page 99 Test means that I am to pick up any book that I’ve been wanting to read (I have a lot so the challenge itself will be picking a book), turn to page 99 (obviously), and read that page. After reading I will offer you readers a summary of what I read, and I will also tell you, based on that page if I still want to read that book.

So are you ready?!?

Teaser Tidbits:

I’m a currently reading Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine Heppermann. It’s a YA novel written in verse about a teen girl who makes a choice that will ultimately change everything about life as she knows it.

Teaser # 1:


Teaser # 2:


The Page 99 Challenge:

The book I randomly picked off of my (overfull) bookshelf is an ARC of Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr. This is a book that I really, REALLY want to leave so I hope that page 99 lives up to all of my expectations.

I flipped to page 99 and read. It seems that one of the main characters, Gem, finds a mysterious backpack stored below her bed. She knows it’s her fathers, but she didn’t see or know he’d even been in the room. She questions her sister, Dixie, and even though she denies knowing how and when it got there, Gem doesn’t believe her. She also doesn’t believe that whatever is in that backpack is good.

Having read page 99 I have to say YES! I still want to read Gem & Dixie. I want to know what’s in the backpack, and why their dad would stow it away in his daughters bedroom. Besides that, from that one passage, I really like the “voice.” It seems authentic and honest.

So there you have it readers – the teaser tidbit and page 99 challenges for the Baby It’s Cold Outside: Read-A-Thon!

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