Baby It’s Cold Outside: A Read-A-Thon Challenge Into



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Hello Readers!

I normally do not participate in a whole lot of challenges, and you’re probably wondering why? Even though they are super fun and interactive, there are a number of reasons of why I don’t normally join in on the fun. Those reasons range from time constraint issues to the challenge doesn’t necessarily suit my style/tastes.

But I found one that I think really fits, not only this blog, but me!

I decided to participate in Baby It’s Cold Outisde, a week-long read-a-thon challenge hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat.  Before moving forward with this post, I just want to say THANK YOU to the ladies of Read.Sleep.Reapeat for hosting such a fun-filled week of challenges and of course reading!

The Baby It’s Cold Outside Read-A-Thon challenge is a week-long challenge that runs from Saturday December 17th through Saturday December 24th. Each day during this week-long challenge I will be posting, not only a ton of content, but fun-filled book-ish content!

During this read-a-thon challenge I am hoping to read a total of four books. While that doesn’t seem like a whole lot of books, I feel like I haven’t been reading as much as I want/should lately, and if you haven’t read a lot, four books certainly can be a challenge.

So, what four books am I hoping to read? The four books I hope to read this week are:

  • Ask Me How I Got Here by Christine Heppermann (which I started already, and am hoping to finish).
  • The Romantics by Leah Konen
  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  • OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu

So readers I truly hope that you’ll stay tuned to check out my posts and my progress during this week! And for more information, be sure to check out Read.Sleep.Repeat!


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