Wild Swans


Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood


Ivy Milburn isn’t like the women in her family.She’s not a poet, or an artist, of even a musician. She has no apparent talent, and that’s totally find with her.

Being talent-less means that maybe, just maybe, the family curse will bypass her. Maybe it means that her beloved grandfather will cut her some slack and let her be a normal teenager. Just for once she wants a summer to kick back, relax, and just hang out with her friends.

But when she finds out that Erica, her absentee mother, will be moving in for the summer

But when Ivy finds out that her absentee mother and her two-step sisters will be moving in for the summer, her world practically crumbles. Goodbye relaxing summer.

From the moment Erica and company arrives Ivy’s life is sheer and utter chaos. She’s constantly on guard and defensive. Her and Erica can’t seem to see eye to eye on anything. And worst of all, it feels like there a riff forming between her and her grandfather.

Will Ivy ever get her life back on track? Or has Erica permanently wrecked everything?

Wild Swans, written by author Jessica Spotswood, is a contemporary young adult novel that is an emotional roller coaster that readers will look forward to riding!

To say Spotswood’s writing is enchanting would be an understatement. The writing that fills Wild Swans is lyrical, full of vivid imagery, and above all things: strong. Spotswood has an undeniable way with words – her writing doesn’t only endear readers, but captures their full attention. From the first page – the first line even! – readers will be hooked. And as an  added layer that will appeal to readers is the way Spotswood seamlessly wove poetry into her story.

Besides the writing, there are the characters.  In their own way, each were strong, easy to relate to, and played an important role, not only within Ivy’s live, but within the overall story. It was like the characters were all a part of a well oiled machine, and without one of them, this character driven book simply wouldn’t work, Because of this, no character really feels like a secondary character.

Main character Ivy is the true star. She’s strong, yet vulnerable. She’s flawed, but real. She’s brave, even though she doesn’t necessarily herself that way.  Granddad, the most important man in Ivy’s life, though overbearing at times, adds a lot of love and heart into this story. While it seems that he only cares about what Ivy is capable of, rather than who she is, readers will see by the end that his heart is always in the right place. And even Ivy’s long-lost mother Erica, though unlikable, is an exceptional character. She sheds both light and truth on the life that she, and her now almost grown daughter, live. Readers will sympathize with her, and they will see that while she isn’t a great mother to Ivy, she’s a great character to Wild Swans.

Wild Swans has a little something for every reader. If you haven’t already read it, I suggest you do! There is seriously something for everyone – there are real life situations that readers will easily be able to identify with. There’s a touch of steamy romance and good-looking boys. There’s poetry. But above all things, there’s a lot of heart in this book.