Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Celebration Gift Guide

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Hello Readers!

Today, I’ve put together a gift guide for all the Gilmore Girls fans in your life. I’ve also included links to each of these items so if you really do want to buy them for the fan in your life (or yourself) you can do so!

For the book worms:

Everyone knows that Rory is serious reader. I mean she doesn’t leave home without a book. Remember when she went to the winter formal with Dean? Even though she didn’t bring a book she did bring along something to read … a copy of The New Yorker. Because she’s such a book worm, I like to imagine that Rory has a rockin’ bookmark collection.

As a reader yourself you too collect bookmarks, and the Gilmore Girls magnetic bookmarks that BeyondthePages19 (on Etsy) offers are, not only affordable, but they are great! I should know I bought two for myself. See:



Yes, I bought the Lorelai and Rory bookmarks to add to my own rockin’ bookmark collection. But there are bookmarks for all of your favorite Gilmore Girls characters! I totally plan on getting a few more. And if you’re a bookwork who loves the Gilmore Girls, or know someone else who is, I think these would make awesome gifts!

Bonus: For the bookworm there are also some books: Someday, Someday by Lauren Graham, Talking As Fast As I Can (also) by Lauren Graham, and finally Eat Like a Gilmore by Kristi Carlson.

For the coffee lovers:

Let’s be honest … Lorelai and Rory are the ultimate coffee junkies! They consume the hot beverage daily … it’s probably the reason why they talk as fast as they do. And why all the men in their lives have a hard time keeping up with them.  If you’re like them, and have a coffee addiction of your own to feed, or know someone who has a borderline unhealthy obsession with the beverage, you should check out Boca Java. They have several Gilmore Girls themed coffee products.

But because Lorelai and Rory often quenched their thirst at Luke’s, I feel it’s only a fitting gift for your Gilmore Girls fan to give Luke’s No-Nonsense Roast.

What’s coffee without a mug?! If you head over to Amazon, Cafe Press, or Etsy you’ll find an assortment of Gilmore Girls themed coffee mugs! There’s a wide selection on any of those websites, however I personally love the Luke’s Diner coffee mug that BethLynnDesigns offers on their Etsy shop.

This shop offers a Luke’s Diner mug in an assortment of colors to choose from. So you can easily find the perfect color for that Gilmore Girls fan. I personally like the mint green color.

(I also wanted to mention, that BethLynnDesigns also offers other Gilmore Girls themed mugs, and they all look like they’d make great gifts!)

For the music fan:

The rockin-est band in all of Stars Hollow is obviously Hep Alien! And what Gilmore Girls fan wouldn’t want to rock out with Lane and company?! I know I would. If there’s a music lover in your wake who also happens to be Gilmore Girls fan, well I found quite possibly the perfect gift.

FriedGreenDesigns over on Society 6 has a great Gilmore Girls themed items. Specifically though, there’s a pretty rad  Hep Alien band shirt!

For the makeup lover:

It’s rare that you see Lorelai or Rory primping … I mean they’re naturally beautiful, so there isn’t a need to primp really. But  they have their favorite products.

“When did I become one of those girls with dozens of beauty products, none of which are expendable. It used to be a touch of mascara, a dab of Copper Tone. Zip, bam, boom out the door.”

And if you, or the fan in your life is a makeup lover, Brija Cosmetics has you covered! They offer Gilmore Girls Matte Eyeshadows. The colors range from a shimmery white shadow (called A Film by Kirk) to a smokey charcoal grey colored inspired by our favorite Gilmore Girls grump: Michele Gerard.  And as an added bonus, it looks like they are coming out with a line of Gilmore Girls inspired lipstick as well!

For the person in a secret society:

In quite possibly my favorite Gilmore Girls episode, we – along with Rory – learn all about the Life & Death Brigade. It’s a secret society that her future boyfriend Logan is a member of. They throw lavish parties, wear creepy gorilla masks, and tend to launch themselves off of very high structures.

Do you know some in a secret society like The Life & Death Brigade? Or are you in a secret society?  Well, I found the perfect give on Amazon Handmade.  It’s a beautiful sterling silver In Omnia Paratus necklace made by Annie’s Arts & Follies

Of course, there are a TON (literally a TON) of In Omnia Paratus items all over the web! If a necklace isn’t the ideal gift, what about a bracelet?

JLWhiddonDesigns on Etsy offers a hand-stamped bracelet. It’s a simple silver bracelet stating “In Omnia Paratus” with an umbrella image. It’s fun, it’s whimsical, and a must have!

And sill, Silver Statements  on Etsy offers a super cute wrap ring. On the inside it is inscribed with “In Omnia Paratus” and on the outside, a simple umbrella.

For the shop-a-holic:

It’s hard to imagine that two women living in a house do not own any tote bags. But it’s true. Lorelai and Rory don’t have any tote bags.

If you or your GG fan needs a tote for all their shop-a-holic needs, this Doose’s Market tote from CafePress is the bees knees! And I should know, I actually own my very own tote! It’s study, it’s roomy, and it’s a definite conversation starter!

For the art lover:

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have refined palettes – in food, in music, and in art! Need I mention the monkey lamp?!

Well, I think that the Gilmore Girls (even picky Emily Gilmore) would approve of this print on Etsy by RoaringSoftly.

This super cool shop offers four very unique art prints: Coffee of Gilmore Girls, Moods of Gilmore Girls, Foods of Gilmore Girls, and the quintessential Dean vs. Jess print. Each one is perfect for yourself or that fan of yours!

For the collector:

Lorelai and Rory aren’t known to collect a lot of things. Okay, so Rory collects books, and once she even collected facts about Mitchum Huntzberger when she was getting ready to intern at one of his many newspapers! (And yes, Richard, I agree! He crushed Rory!)

But if you or that GG fan in your life likes to collect unique items, like Funko Pop figures, that you are in luck! They just came out with three figures based off of Lorelai, Rory, and Sookie!

And finally …

For the subscription box junkie:

While subscription boxes were not a thing during Lorelai and Rory’s day, they certainly are a thing now. And they celebrate all of our favorite fandoms. And Stars Hollow Monthly put out by Lit Cube is the perfect subscription box for any Gilmore Girls fans.

I can tell you from first hand experience that this box is chock full of Gilmore Girls goodness! Each month this box is full on one of a kind items. In the past three months I have gotten some awesome items like: bowls from Al’s Pancake World, a Luke’s Diner travel mug, Dragonfly Inn coasters, and so much more!


I think that about covers it! There are tons of Gilmore Girls themed items. And they are all waiting to be purchased … so go forth and shop!