Gilmore Girls Movie Night: Lorelai Edition

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It’s Saturday night and you’re bored. All of your friends have plans. Stores in your small town have already closed. And the one screen movie theater has been playing the same movie for the past five months (you’ve seen it three times already and can’t bear to see it another time).

The only store in your small town that IS open is the movie rental store. As you’re wandering up and down the isles, you realize that most of the new movies have already been rented. The shelves are practically empty.

As you turn the corner, you see it! And you’re both shocked and appalled that NO ONE rented this classic ….

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder!

You quickly scoop it up, rent it out, and head to the local grocery store to buy an abundance of candy. Cause, let’s be honest, you can’t watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and NOT have candy. It’s like a sin or something!

But candy isn’t enough! You do need real food. On your walk home, you think “what would Lorelai Gilmore” eat while watching this classic movie.

Can’t think of what you’ll eat! Well, fear not! I’ve got your menu covered!

If I were hosting a Lorelai themed movie night, showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory I’d quickly whip out my copy of Eat Like A Gilmore by Kristi Carlson, and pick the perfect food for this particular movie night.

To start, I’d make ….

Monte Cristo Sandwich.


It’s seriously the perfect dish for a viewing of Willy Wonka! Not only is it savory, but it’s sweet! Author Carlson describes it as “It’s as close as one can get to eating a sandwich wrapped in a donut, without actually eating a sandwich wrapped in a donut.”

You’ll need something to wash the Monte Cristo sandwich down with. And what better to do that with  than ….

A Shirley Temple.


Seriously, it’s like sugar in a cup. And it’s the perfect way to kick off the sugar filled evening that you have ahead of you.

And what’s dinner without dessert?  If I were putting this movie night together, I couldn’t … WOULDN’T rely on only one desert option. I would have several Gilmore Girls approved desserts on the table.  On my table, besides bowls and bowls of candy, would be….



Lorelai and Rory both love Luke’s donuts, specifically the sprinkled donuts! And just like Luke, I’d make them with different glazes, so each donut is a unique experience.

Caramel Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Seriously, these cookies are enough to send one into a sugar coma! Perfect for a viewing of quite possibly the sweetest movie out there.

Dessert Sushi


Last but certainly not least is Dessert Sushi. Not only is a fun pick me up if you come down with a case of the blues, but I think it’s the one dish that Lorelai can actually cook. LOL.

By the time you eat your way through Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, this sweet (literally sweet) menu will sugar you up only to leaving your tired, and ready to crash into bed.

(All of the images are from Eat Like a Gilmore by Kristi Carlson)