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You may not know this, but I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, and have been since the show first aired way back when in the year of 2000. I mean, how could I not be a fan. It was filled with witty banter, small town charm, pop culture references coming out the wazoo, and of course a mother/daughter duo that oozed independence. Seriously, this show had NICOLE written all over it.

I am (very obviously) excited for the Netflix revival of the show. And even though I know four episodes will NOT be enough, I’m sure they will, not only fill my curiosity about what the girls have been up to, but live up to all my expectations.

And because I’m so excited I’ve been reading a lot of articles related to the Girlmore Girls and the upcoming revival. Today, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve been reading with all of you!

We all know that Rory Gilmore is like the world’s biggest book worm. Over the course of the entire series Rory read over three hundred (300) books. Want to know what books were read/referenced? Well, Buzzfeed’s got you covered! Check out All 339 Books Referenced in “Gilmore Girls”

There were many moments that defined both Lorelai and Rory during the course of the series. But according to Bustle, there is one specific episode which defines Lorelai and Rory. Check out The One “Gilmore Girls” Episode That Totally Defined Lorelai Gilmore.

On the flipside, check out Bustle’s article The One “Gilmore Girls” Episode that Totally Defined Rory Gilmore.

We can’t wait to set our eyes on the Gilmore Girls revival, right? Even though we don’t have a release date (let’s hope and pray that it will be in 2016!!) we can check out some behind the scenes pictures! E Online has a great slideshow!                                                                                            

Want some Gilmore Girl Quizzes? Check these out:

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One of the aspects I personally LOVED about the Gilmore Girls was its setting. Star Hollow, no matter how kooky and crazy it is, is a town I would want to call home. And yes, I would totally want to live in house just like the one that Lorelai and Rory lived in. And if you’re like me, not only did you want to live in a house like it, but you also wanted to know what the house – the WHOLE house – looked like. While this article doesn’t go into specifics it does feature a floor plan!

Ever want to smell like your fave Girlmore Girls character? Now you can!

The mystery of the unaired pilot! (Seriously, is there a full unaired pilot floating around the interwebs?! I can’t find it!)

There are seriously a TON of articles out there. And I can’t possibly have read them all.  But these are the most recent ones that I read and really enjoyed. And the ones that I think you, dear readers and fellow Gilmore Girls fans will enjoy as well. And if you are like me, I’m sure you’ve also read a ton. If so, please share! I can’t seem to get enough of the Gilmore Girls!