Hello Readers!

True story: I try to read during my lunch hour. It’s honestly where I get most of my reading done. But as of recently I haven’t been reading as much. Instead I’ve been watching Netflix, perusing the Interwebs, and playing one very addictive dragon themed game (Dragon City, if you must know!).

Today, I decided to share with you the shows and the articles that have held my attention recently.

Netflix (Shows) I’ve Been Watching:

The Paradise: A BBC show about a young shop girl working at The Paradise, a high-end department store.

Girlmore Girls: With all this revival talk, I can’t help but re-watch my all time favorite show about a fast talking, pop culture obsessed mother/daughter duo.

Harper’s Island (Amazon Prime): Seven years after a series of gruesome murders, a group of family and friends gather at the Harper’s Island for fun and festivities, only to find murder and mayhem are still lurking in the shadows.

Blogs I’ve Been Reading:

Miss Print

Nicole’s Novel Reads

Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia

Please Feed the Bookworm

Andi’s ABCs

YouTube Channels I’ve Been Watching:


Sprinkle of Glitter


Articles I’ve Been Reading:

Why R.L. Stine Thinks It’s Even Harder To Scare Teens Today

Reading In Public Is Not An Invitation for Conversation (thanks Emma for sharing this!)

Your Official YA Summer Reading List

Inside the Rainbow Gulag (thanks Cecelia for telling me about this)

That’s what I’ve been up to readers, what are some shows/articles/videos that have been monopolizing your time? Please share!