Lists Galore (#13)


(The above picture is from My Future Listography by Lisa Nola)

Hello Readers!

I never thought I was much of a list maker. Why? Well, I’m not the most organized person. And well, lists are for the organized. But since I’ve started this, I rather enjoy these posts. And I enjoy making lists. And today’s topic is all about lists!

Today’s topic is …

List the lists you’d like to make one day.

List of my all time favorite characters.

List of movies I loved as a childhood movies that I loved.

List of all the places I visited and why I loved visiting them.

List of new foods to try.

List of all my favorite fictional villains.

List of books I’d want to re-read.

List of items I’d buy if I won the lotto.

List of zoo I’d like to visit one day (I love going to the zoo!)

List of shows to check out on Netflix.

List of my favorite board games.

List of movies that I’ve wanted to see, but haven’t gotten around to it.

Those are just some of the lists I’d like to make one day. What are some lists you’d like to make dear readers?! Please share in the comments!

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