The May Queen Murders


The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude


Life in the Glen is not perfect, but at least it’s safe. At least that is what Ivy thought before …

Before her best friend and cousin Heather started acting distant, and pulling away, not just from their home of Rowen’s Glen but from Ivy too. Before the May Day festivities. Before Heather went missing.

Now, things are different. The town and the people Ivy once loved seem to be hidden behind lies and secrets. Not sure what to do, or who to turn to, Ivy decides to take matters into her own hands. If not one is going to help Heather, than it’s up to her to help her by uncovering the truth.

But will Ivy uncover the truth, or will she be buried by it?

The May Queen Murders, written by author Sarah Jude, is a haunting book that is filled with mystery and chill worthy intrigue.

The writing that filled Jude’s debut novel, simply put, is strong. Relying on vivid descriptions and old world superstition, Jude truly creates a picture in reader’s minds. Beyond that, The May Queen Murders is full of subtle hints that will, not only help unravel the truth, but will also leave readers captivated and engaged in the story.

The characters that live and breathe of the pages of this book are unique. They are both honest and flawed, and are the kinds of characters that readers will root for and sympathize with. As much as this story is about the people of Rowen’s Glen, it truly is Ivy’s story. Main character Ivy is wise beyond her years, and reader’s will quickly find that she fights and fiercely as she loves.  While making missteps, reader’s will follow her willingly while she pieces together the mystery of the horror that has taken over the Glen.

There are many aspects of The May Queen Murders that make this such a great book. One of those aspects is the setting of the Missouri Ozarks. The only words that come to mind are lush and evocative. Besides the setting the other aspect that will really capture reader’s attention are the superstitions that this community of people was built upon. They are full of both old world charm and fear.

There is a lot to love about Jude’s The May Queen Murders. Take my word on it, and read it! You won’t be disappointed!

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