For The Record

For the Record by Charlotte Huang


For as long as Chelsea could remember she’s dreamed of being a singer. And when she lands a spot on a TV talent show, she figures that this is her chance. Her chance to, not only make her dreams a reality, but a chance to get out of her small town where rumors of her nonexistent reputation follow her.

But when she is voted off, and sent packing back to her small town, Chelsea has practically given up on her rock star dreams. That is, until she receives a phone call for the record label associated with that TV show. Since she’s still contractually obligated to them, they’ve decided to give her another chance at stardom.

This time though, Chelsea won’t be on some lame TV show. Instead, she’ll be the front woman of the band Melbourne.

Thrust into the spotlight, Chelsea struggles to find her place – in the public eye, in a band that barely likes her, and in the music industry as a whole. Will she become the rock star she knows she is? Or will she, once again, be sent packing?

For the Record, written by author Charlotte Huang, is a contemporary YA novel that is musically charged, fun, and offers its readers an honest look into the music industry.

The writing that fills the pages of this debut novel is simply stellar. Author Huang has an undeniable way with words. She does a great job at infusing just the right amount of description, emotion, and tension to keep readers both engrossed and engaged in main character Chelsea’s rise to fame.

Besides Huang’s impressive writing, her characters are rock stars.  The characters that make up with story are honest, real, and well crafted. Each has a personality all of his or her own, making it easy for readers to relate to any or all of them. However great the characters are as a whole, its main character Chelsea that stood out the most.

At the start of For the Record, leading lady Chelsea comes off as a classic underdog. Readers, although they will instantly like her, may sense that Chelsea has no chance at fitting into Melbourne, the already established band that she’s been dropped into.

But Chelsea is tougher than she appears – on the inside and the out.  Whatever the guys throw at her, she handles, proving how strong she is to her band mates, but most of all to herself.  Chelsea is the kind of character that reader’s will easily see themselves within. And because of that they will cheer this rock star on!

There’s a little bit of something for every reader. For the music lover, readers get the chance to see what the making of a successful band is like. For the romantics, there’s more than one budding romances within the pages.  And for the rest of us,  there’s they great story that Huang has spun. Simply put, For the Record is truly a great read.

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