Lists Galore (#8)



(The above image is from My Future Listography by Lisa Nola)

Hello Readers!

Today’s topic is one that I think that we all think about from time to time. Especially when the lotto jackpot gets higher and higher.  Yes, today’s topic is about money. But not just money, what one would do with a lot of it.

Today’s topic is …

List of What You’d Do With An Enormous Amount of Money

Pay off any outstanding student loans – I think this is a no brain-er.

Buy, not one but two houses – one for me (obvs) and one for my parents. They’ve given me so much as is, and if I hand an enormous amount of money I’d like the chance to give them something.

Travel …. and travel some more – I have lofty dreams of traveling all around the world. But in order to make those dreams a reality, you need to have money.

I’d buy a L.A.M.B. handbag – this doesn’t sound like a big thing. But as much as I love handbags I don’t like to spend a lot of money on them. I have a ton of bags from Gwen’s Harajuku Lovers line, I have to from her Gx line, and I even have my prized L.A.M.B. bag. With an enormous amount of money I’d buy another L.A.M.B. bag simply because it would make me happy.

A rare edition of Alice in Wonderland – Everyone knows that I’m an Alice in Wonderland fanatic. I’ve been collecting various editions of Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass for I don’t know how long. I would treat myself to a rare edition of my fave book.

Go  see Sir Paul McCartney – Technically this is something I could potentially do the next time this legendary Beatle tours. But for really great seats you’d have to drop a pretty penny. With a lot of money I’d be able to do this.

Save for a rainy day – I know this is the boring answer, but it’s the truthful one. I’d probably save a good portion of that enormous amount of money.

So there’s my list, readers! What would you do if you had an enormous amount of money? Please share in the comments!