Arisa Vol. 1


Arisa Vol. 1 by Natsumi Ando


Arisa and Tsubasa are twins who have been separated for the past three years due to their parents divorce.¬† At one point in time, the twins were close … so close they could practically read each others minds.

But three years is a long time not to see or talk to one another. So when they finally meet one day at a local park, Arisa and Tsubasa realize that twin connection is still alive and well! Getting to know each other, they realize that even though they are twins, they are very different.

Arisa is sweet and the center of everyone’s attention, while Tsubasa is fierce and passionate. But the one thing they both have in common is that they are both lonely. Even though Arisa is the center of attention, she carries the burden to keeping everyone’s secrets, even her own dark one. And then there’s Tsubasa, the Demon Princess, who seems to get into fights left and right.

To Tsubasa, Arisa’s life is near perfect – she has friends, a boyfriend, and everything a teenage girl could want. But when something terrible happens to Arisa, Tsubasa decides to figure out why Arisa is so unhappy.

Disguising herself as Arisa isn’t difficult, she seems to easily slip into Arisa’s seemingly perfect life.¬† Now on the inside, Tsubasa too quickly discovers that something isn’t right, and that Arisa’s life is far from perfect. Something, or rather someone named the King, is hell-bent on destroying everything and everyone who makes a wish.

Who is the King? And is Arisa next on his list?

Arisa Vol. 1, written and illustrated by Natsumi Ando, is a manga series opener that is full of mystery.

The writing that fills the thought bubbles of this manga is simple but strong. The words that fill this book capture and captivate. Twisted with hints of mystery – who is the king? And why is he so determined to make everyone’s wish come true – readers will easily get caught up in the story.

But Ando doesn’t rely simply on telling Arisa and Tsubasa’s story, she let’s her vivid black and white illustrations do that. Both bold and beautiful, Ando’s illustrations¬† are expressive. Readers fully see and understand every single emotion the characters are feeling.

I’m new to the world of manga, so I admittedly do not know much. But I know that I really liked this one. I liked that there was just enough mystery to keep me guessing, and that it made me excited to continue on with the series.

But with that said, there were a few minor things that I didn’t like. But I honestly think it’s because I’m new to the whole manga thing. The biggest thing that bothered me was the fact that I couldn’t tell Arisa and Tsubasa apart. I know, they’re twins … they’re hard to tell apart. But they are explained as not sharing the same hair color. Because of the black and white illustrations, that tidbit was kind of lost I thought.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. And I think, especially if you are a manga reader, that you will really enjoy it too readers.

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