The Devil And Winnie Flynn


The Devil And Winnie Flynn by Micol Ostow and Illustrated  by David Ostow


When Winnie Flynn’s mother dies unexpectedly, the last thing she wants to do is deal with the crazy relatives, or rather relative, that seems to have materialized out of nowhere. Winnie had heard of Aunt Maggie, but she’s never actually met her.

That is until she swoops in, what seems like moments after her mother’s death, and somehow convinces Winnie’s father that the best way to grieve her mother is by being a production assistant on Maggie’s very popular TV show Fantastic, Fearsome … a show that seeks out all that is seen and unseen.  It’s the perfect job for non-believer Winnie.

Trying to put the paranormal aspect of this job aside, Winnie tries her best to do the job that she’s been given.  But as filming begins, and as she learns more and more about the Garden State’s haunting history, Winnie has a few  paranormal experiences of her own: a strange message written in the steam on her bathroom mirror, her message about her mother on a damaged sound recording, and more instances that Winnie can’t seem to explain.

Is the Jersey Devil playing tricks on her? Is her mother trying to contact Winnie?  Whatever is happening, is it enough to make a believer out of this skeptic?

The Devil and Winnie Flynn written by Micol Ostow and illustrated by David Ostow is a paranormal mystery that keep readers at the edge of their seats.

Formatted as an ongoing letter to a friend, The Devil and Winnie Flynn is exceptionally written. And not just because of author’s Micol Ostow’s stand out writing. It’s also because it feels as if that friend is you the reader.  As a reader, you’ll instantly be engaged and engrossed in Winnie’s story.

Beyond the words, illustrator David Ostow has created vivid images that bring this often scary story to life. Seriously, read with the lights on!

But the words aren’t the only aspect that make this book what it is. The characters that fill the pages as uniquely well crafted, honestly flawed, and above all believable. Main character Winnie is a stand out character.

Winnie, admittedly, is a tough nut to crack. At the start, she’s guarded, a real skeptic, and the kind of character that comes off as a bit unlikable. But as readers dig deeper into this twisting plot they see who Winnie is from the inside out. She’s open, vulnerable, and someone will easily catch glimpses of themselves within.

What drew me personally to this book is the other main character … the devil. Going into this book I mistakenly thought it was about the devil. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was about the one and only Jersey Devil.

As a born and bred Jersey girl I love how the Ostow’s didn’t make this legend seem hokey. Instead, this and each paranormal bit is believable. And admittedly I love the jersey centric-ness (obviously).

Seriously, I could go on and on about this book. But I won’t. I will instead urge you to get your hands on a copy of The Devil and Winnie Flynn and read it!

(The cover image is from GoodReads)

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