The BookBandit’s Guide to Christmas: Wrapping Paper



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Hello Readers!

I’m back with another edition of The BookBandit’s Guide to Chirstmas. This time around I’ll be focusing on and discussing one of my favorite topics: wrapping paper and gift presentation.

It’s no secret: I love wrapping paper. Every year, at the start of the holiday season I rush out in and do some research. I hit the stores and check out what wrapping paper is up for grabs. Once I have a good idea or what wrapping paper trends are in and out, I start to plot my wrapping paper theme.

When plotting your theme, I think it’s important to be true to who you are. If you love polka dots, try finding Christmas themed polka dot paper – maybe green with big and bold red dots! If you’re more traditional, look for paper adorned with Santa and his fleet of reindeer. There is no such thing as a wrong or a bad theme! Seriously, the paper I’m going with is black wrapping paper with neon colored Christmas trees.

Once you have a theme firmly planted in your mind, you now have to set out and find the perfect paper. This is a real task! Sometimes the idea or theme you have in your mind does not exist in the real world. And if that happens, you have to reevaluate your theme. If you find yourself in this position, I would always suggest walking up and down the holiday isles of any store that sells wrapping paper and looking what is out there. Sometimes, you may not find exactly what’s in your head, but you may find something close enough.

If you really love the idea that’s in your head, but can’t find the paper that fits your wants and needs, I would suggest getting creative. Buy some simple brown paper and decorate it yourself using stamps, stickers, and cut outs. Dig out those crayons and markers, and draw a whole winter wonderland I say!  Or still, some pretty string and bows will brighten up any package.

Before moving on, I thought it would be fun to share the stores I feel offer some top-notch wrapping paper.

Michael’s/A.C. Moore – Do not rule out your craft store (chain or local).  More than likely they’ll offer, not only wrapping paper, but they’ll offer an array of it. Beyond that, they’ll offer ornaments, bows, ribbons, and other bits and baubles to brighten up your packaging. It’s a one stop shop (and they always offer a great coupon or two!).

Target – Serioulsy, who doesn’t love Target. I’ve found that Target has a great mix of wrapping paper. My target offers two full isles of wrapping paper and other gift packaging options. They have paper for the young and the old alike. Some are traditional, some of fun and whimsy. You are certain to find something that fits your style and theme there! And besides that I always feel that they are on trend.

World Market –  I just recently discovered this store thanks to my dear old mom! After telling me about this store, and all the great stuff within I just had to go! And there I found wrapping paper that wasn’t only beautiful, it was paper I haven’t seen in any other store!

TJ Maxx – The holiday season can do real damage on one’s pocket. And wrapping paper isn’t cheap. TJ Maxx, like Target, offers wrapping paper that is trendy, but they offer it at really great prices! You can’t go wrong!

I can’t stress this enough — do not stress about a theme! Whatever wrapping you use will be beautiful and the people who you are giving to will love it! I promise you that.

You’ve plotted your theme, you’ve found the wrapping paper, you’ve wrapped the gifts. But they seems as if they are missing something. Oh! that’s right the bits and the baubles! This bits and baubles add an additional layer of pop and sparkle.

Besides that, it also helps you as the gift giver remember what package (or packages) are for who. I typically do not use gift labels — I don’t like how they look, and they don’t always go with my theme. The additional tie on helps me identify which gift belongs to which person.

Personally, I think a small Christmas ornament makes the perfect tie on to any gift. And it’s something that can be used again … and again and again. And it’s a reminder (every year) of the wonderful gift you have given. (Note: All of the stores mentioned above offer some great Christmas ornaments. So you shouldn’t have a problem finding any that match your theme. )

If an ornament isn’t the way to go, I would suggest an oversized bow, some glitzy ribbon, or even a flower or two (you can use both real and silk — it’s your choice!) .  And you really do not have to spend a ton of money on these tie ons. Check out your local dollar store … I always do! They offer bows, ribbons, and inexpensive ornaments as well.

But you can get as creative as you want. Don’t feel limited to a small Christmas ornament or a bow! Just go crazy and have fun!

I could go on and on about wrapping paper, but I won’t. I hope this post helps you, and I hope that you share your own wrapping paper themes/traditions with me!