BookBandit’s Guide to Christmas: Gift Giving Guide – Beauty Edition (Part 2)



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Hello Readers!

Since the topic of Beauty encompasses a wide range of topics, I decided it would be best to break this specific gift giving guide into two posts. As you already know, I posted part one a few days ago (if you haven’t read it, you can do so here).

Part one focused one gifts for the novice makeup lover. This post – part two – will focus on gifts for the makeup maven.

Buying any makeup for any makeup maven is a difficult task. Why? Mostly because they have their look down, they already have (several) favorite brands. And not too mention they probably have almost every makeup product they could ever need or want for that matter.

Because of this, you as the gift giver may want to do some snooping — you may want to dig around  to see what they have, what they don’t have, what they want, and even what they do not want. If you’re not comfortable snooping, seriously, just flat out ask.

One of the best gifts I think to give to any makeup maven is a gift card to either Sephora or Ulta. Both of these stores carry an array of beauty products, and offers shoppers a ton of gift sets at this time of year.

If you don’t want to give a gift card, but you’re not one hundred percent sure what to get the makeup maven in your life, I would suggest a cosmetic bag and/or case. These are some of my faves this year:

If the cases aren’t enough, I would suggest filling the case with some basic tools. A makeup maven can never have enough tools! But what tools would/should you include? I would suggest:

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but if the person you are buying for is a makeup lover than they will appreciate a great palette (or two). There are several palettes on the market that I think would make a great gift for anyone.

  • Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette – includes 15 shades of eye shadow created by Gwen Stefani herself. (This one is even on my Christmas list!)
  • Kat Von D Monarch Eye & Lip Set – Includes warm and neutral toned eye shadows (but with an edge because it’s Kat Von D) accompanied by a few extra products like a lip stick, eye liner, and mascara.
  • Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette – if the person you are buying for likes big, bold colors than this is the palette for them!
  • Rose Gold Natural Eye Shadow Palette – this palette includes 12 eye shadows from matte to glitter finishes. I actually own this palette and it’s honestly one of my go-to palettes.
  • Smashbox Art. Love. Color Sets – I just recently discovered this (I haven’t used them, but have seen them) and I can tell you I personally want this set! This set features both eye shadows and blushes, and when combined the makeup maven could create many dazzling looks.

There are a ton of other options out there … seriously this post could go on and on. But I figured I would just give a sampling of the gifts that are out on the market this holiday season.  Happy shopping!

(Please not that I am not getting paid or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. I’m simply sharing my thoughts/feelings on some of the products that I use on a daily basis).