BookBandit’s Guide to Christmas: Gift Giving Guide – Beauty Edition


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Hello Readers!

As part of my Guide to Christmas feature, I thought it would be both fun and helpful to compile a few gift giving guides. In these posts I will offer suggestions and even give you a peek at my own Christmas list (not because I am looking for anything, but because I always think it’s fun to possibly introduce new items to someone else.)

Today,  I’m sharing with your my gift giving guide to Beauty. If you didn’t already know this, I’ll share this with you – I love makeup! I love wearing it, I love buying it, and I certainly love learning about new trends.

I think makeup, or any beauty product really is a great gift  to give. Why? It lets one express themselves and I feel like it truly does bring out one’s creativity. Even the most non-artistic person can do makeup.

I also feel that makeup is a great gift to give because ultimately, it makes you feel good. And who doesn’t like to feel good about themselves?!?

I’ve broken this guide into two parts. Part one will focus on gifts for the makeup newcomers and part two will focus on gift for the makeup mavens.

Part One: Gifts for Makeup Newcomers

If you’re buying a beauty/makeup based gift for someone who is new to the world of makeup and new to wearing it, I would first and foremost suggest not spending a ton of money on beauty products. Why? It’s not that the person isn’t worth it, it’s because they are still new to figuring out what their style of makeup is, what their favorite brands are.

Buying inexpensive but quality beauty/makeup products is the way to go. One company that I feel that puts out a quality product but is inexpensive is Eyes Lips Face, aka ELF. Generally prices range from $1.00 to $3.00 (in stores) and $1.00 to $20.00 on their online store.

During the Christmas Season, ELF puts out a lot of great beauty/makeup sets. Some sets include nail polish, some lipstick/gloss, and some sets offer products like eye shadow and blush.  One of my favorite gift sets that they come out with almost every year is ELF’s Endless Eyes Pro Palette or as I call it, the mega palette because this palette offers almost every single color eye shadow imaginable.

Giving a gift like this to a makeup newcomer is a great gift idea (I think!) because it gives them so many options. It lets them test and try what colors look good on them. I also think that it let’s them be bold and daring — urging them to try the boldest of the bold colors.

Another great seasonal set that ELF offers is their 10 Piece Lip Collection. This set features five tubes of lipstick along with five tubes of lip gloss.  And it’s a perfect gift for a makeup newcomer because, once again, it offers choice. It offers a chance to test and experiment with almost every shade of the lipstick rainbow.  And as for the lip gloss  — well it’s just fun!

If you want to spend a little more, but still do not want to to break the bank, you may want to check out Sephora. Sephora Brand cosmetics are great! They are inexpensive, high quality, and are on point when it comes to all the latest makeup trends.

Every year, they too put together various sets, I think would make a perfect gift. One such set is the Sephora Beautiful Crush Blockbuster Palette. Now, Sephora has put out many a palette before, I mean it’s not their first rodeo. But this is the first palette (that I’ve seen anyway) that includes a seriously WIDE variety. This palette contains over 70 eyeshadows, over 10 liners, and  over 30 shades of lip gloss. For a mere $35.00 you really get a big bang for your buck.

The reason why I personally love the idea of giving such a palette because of the infinite possibilites! I even thought I would purchase this for my younger cousin who is just dipping her feet into the world of makeup because everything she could ever want would be right here!

My last gift idea, is a kinda/sorta DIY gift. No, I’m not suggesting that you make the makeup yourself. Though if you were, making lipstick/gloss is pretty easy and their are recipes all over the internet (I’ll post some links at the bottom JUST in case you are interested).  But I think putting together a gift basket or a makeup case full of essential products would be great. You could visit you local drugstore and pick out any number of items. Some items I would include are face creams (bases, BB creams, liquid concealers), powders (pressed powder, foundation), lip products (lip tints, glosses, and lip sticks), eyeshadows (cream based, pressed, or mineral based), and blushes (powder and tints) By putting together a basket together yourself you get the chance to pick and choose specific colors/shades specifically for the person you are buying for. And I think this shows just how much you care, because you are taking a lot of time to hand select each and every item with them in mind.

Want to put together a gift basket, but not sure what brands to buy? Here’s a list of my favorite:

  • I’m a big fan of Rimmel London. They offer an array of products that will give product users a more edgy look.
  • Cover Girl has been around forever, and it’s only getting better. They offer makeup for every kind of look one is going for. They’re are simply … easy and breezy!
  • Neutrogena is another great brand, and it’s a brand I feel that truly does cater to those with sensitive skin.

And still … if you want to get real DIY, check out these helpful links:

  • Brit + Co. has created a great post featuring several how-to guides to create various kinds of lip products.
  • Instructables offers an array of instructions. One of which is how to make your own DIY Mineral Eyeshadow.
  • Live Simply offers readers a great how-to guide to making their own mineral based blush.

I had a great time putting this post together! And I hope that you, not only enjoyed reading it, but that you also found it helpful.

(Please not that I am not getting paid or sponsored by any of the brands mentioned above. I’m simply sharing my thoughts/feelings on some of the products that I use on a daily basis).