Lists Galore


Hello Readers!

By nature I am not an organized person. And no matter how hard I try to be such a person I never seem to succeed. Because being organized is so far from my realm of being, I am not a list maker.

Because of this, I generally am not a list maker. Well … let me rephrase that — I do make lists, I just tend not to follow them. Thus making the list null and pointless. Why do I do this? Not sure exactly why, but I think it’s because I get bored easily.


That is until my bestie introduced me to Listography by Lisa Nola  . A few year back she gifted me with this book and I’ve been very taken with the idea of documenting my thoughts and my life through lists.

And after some thought I thought this would make a great feature here on the blog. You, dear readers, already know the books I love (and the ones I didn’t love so much) but sometimes I feel that because I opt not to share personal stories, you guys don’t know me that well. And I want you guys to know me — or get to know me. And I think this is a great way to do just that.

Each week I will be posting and featuring a themed list. The list theme will come directly from this book, however I will not be going in order in which they appear in the physical book.  As I post my lists, I will simultaneously be filling my physical book.

I hope you like this feature, dear readers because honestly, I’m really excited about sharing these lists with you.